Degrassi: Which Episode Is the Most Heartbreaking?

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Lisa

This week's Degrassi poll asks fans to vote for the episode that's the most heartbreaking to watch, and it's a tough choice.

When we asked for poll topics on Twitter, several fans asked us to do a "most heartbreaking episode" or "saddest episode" poll, so you can thank @jennwastaken, @degrassihaha, @CholeSoledad, and @jiillyybeeaanns for this one.

Twitter fans also nominated heartbreaking episodes for us to feature in the poll. This week's options include:

Time Stands Still
"Time Stands Still" If you've never seen the school shooting that put Jimmy in a wheelchair, this two-parter is an essential piece of Degrassi history.

Rock This Town
"Rock This Town" J.T. was one of Degrassi's most popular characters, and his final episode left his friends -- and the show's fans -- in shock.

Jane Says
"Jane Says" When Jane's father returned to town, she struggled to cope with traumatic memories from her childhood.

Bitter Sweet Symphony
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" This episode, about Cam's suicide and its repercussions, is the most recent nominee, but that doesn't make it any less tragic.

Check out the full list of nominees and VOTE for your favorite episode on the Degrassi Facebook page. It could be one you've never seen, or one you want to see again (with a big box of tissues by your side). We'll post the winning episode online on Friday.