Degrassi Breakdown: Nowhere to Run

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 by Lisa

SPOILER WARNING! If you haven't seen Nowhere to Run yet, watch the episode before you read any further! You can watch it RIGHT HERE:

Jake + Alli + Clare + Drew + Alli + Eli + Marisol + a cabin + a kiss + a chainsaw + an axe = WHOA.

Helen and Glen's wedding seemed nice... aside from that part where their kids were screaming at each other. Do you think Jake and Clare's relationship could threaten their parents' marriage?

Speaking of Clare and Jake. Are they really going to try to date while living in the same house? I feel like every alarm bell in my brain is going off, just thinking about it. What happens if they break up?

Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Jake and Alli share a moment.

When Jake told Clare, "Alli kissed me," how did you react? Jake's lips were part of that kiss, too. He could've pulled away. He didn't. He kissed Alli back. I think Alli and Jake both had a messed-up-in-the-head moment, but it seems like Clare is only willing to forgive Jake. Do you think Clare and Alli will ever be close friends again?

Watching Bianca tonight, I kept wondering if she was only at the cabin because she wants friends. (Sidenote: I'm glad she was there, because she had lots of funny lines in this episode.) Deep down inside, do you think Bianca is still in love with Drew? Do you think Katie has anything to worry about?

Overall, what were your favorite moments in the episode? I loved watching Jake eat Clare's cake-face.