Who wants more pics from Degrassi: Nowhere to Run?

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 by Lisa

You guys seemed pretty psyched about the Degrassi pictures I posted last week, so here are a few more...

Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Marisol at the cabin.
THIS is how Marisol dresses to hang out in the woods? I hope she's wearing bug spray.

Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Alli at the cabin.
At least Alli brought an air mattress. (Is every air mattress ever made that army green color? I'd rather have a pink one.)

Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Katie and Drew at the cabin.
I'm proud of Katie for wearing mismatched clothes and her hair in braids. This is how you dress for the woods, Marisol!

Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Jake at the cabin.
If this were a horror movie, that cooler would be full of body parts!!! Just sayin'.

What are you doing on Friday? Because I heard there's a party going on at Jake's cabin... Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. TeenNick. Friday. 9pm et.

p.s. Have you seen this Nowhere to Run flipbook? It's got even MORE photos!