NYC + Degrassi = ?

Posted on Jul 17, 2010 by Lisa

I love NYC. I love Degrassi. Will I like it when they get together? I hope so.

Degrassi kids in NYC!

This photo makes me wonder:

...if it's weird for Holly J that Jane and Declan used to hook up. If I were in Holly J's shoes, no matter how hard I tried to be cool with it, I'm not sure I'd want them hanging out together. Do you think Jane and Declan are really over each other?

...why Pennsylvania Station is located in NYC. Oh, never mind. I Googled, and apparently it's named after Pennsylvania Railroad, the company that built the station. So that makes sense.

...if Paula, Charlotte, and Landon were freezing their butts off. They're in summer clothes, but all the people in the background are wearing winter coats -- which tells you when this was shot. (Poor Charlotte with her naked legs!)

...what you're doing this weekend to prepare for all the Degrassi coming next week? I say, get your chores out of the way now. You DO NOT want distractions while Degrassi's on.