Degrassi OMG Moments: The B-Sides

Posted on Sep 21, 2011 by The-Gaby

This season has been quite the emotional roller-coaster ride. There were heart-breaks. There were hook ups. There were super-scary-creepy-Vince moments. And then there were those fleeting random moments that add to the Degrassi-ness of it all. This is what I'm talking about...


Probably one of the most emotional moments of the summer... and K.C. was a total jerk at the time, but when he walked into his own mess with that one-liner, I couldn't help but want that in my vocabulary as soon as possible.

Mr. Tuxedo Pants

Fiona: "What's that?"
Charlie: "Mr. Tuxedo Pants."

Probably the coolest cat name ever! I'm totally an animal person, so when I saw Mr. Tuxedo Pants, it made me want my own Mr. Tuxedo Pants...maybe even a Mrs. Tuxedo Pants so they can have play dates.

More bread?

Let's break this down.

It's the season finale, we're at prom, and we've got Drew sitting between Bianca and Katie - nothing can be more awkward and intense, right? Wrong. Eli swoops in with unprecedented serving abilities and exclaims, "More breeead?"

Props to Eli for making this a true Golds-worthy moment.

What were your favorite Degrassi bits from this season?