Party with Degrassi Tips!

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 by Lisa

Are you ready to PARTY WITH DEGRASSI this week?!!! I wrote up a list of tips to get you extra, extra ready. Here goes:

GET THERE EARLY and bring your ticket. But don't forget: Having a ticket does NOT guarantee admission -- you still have to wait in line, and there's a limited amount of space in each venue. The earlier you get there, the more likely it is that you'll get in.

BRING YOUR CAMERA. Take tons of pictures and share them with us online! (Btw, if it said not to bring a camera on your ticket, don't stress. You CAN bring a camera -- you just can't use it during the episode screening.)

LIVE-TWEET YOUR HEART OUT! I'll be tweeting about the Los Angeles screening from @teennick, @degrassinsider, and my personal account, @lisa_beebe, and living vicariously through you guys the rest of the week. I'll be looking for tweets tagged #DegrassiParty to retweet, so use that hashtag! If you get any great/funny/cool photos, share them and @-mention one of those accounts.

WEAR SOMETHING CUTE AND/OR DEGRASSI-RIFFIC. There will be lots of cameras around for TeenNick,, and any other media that's covering that city's event. (Some of the Degrassi castmembers also have little video cameras with them to shoot video for TeenNick.)

BOND WITH THE OTHER FANS! The whole point of this is that it's a party, right? Have a wonnnnnderful time, and if you're at the LA screening and you see a tall pink-haired lady, say hi! It's me!!


p.s. If you need any details about the Party with Degrassi events (time, location, etc.), check the Degrassi Facebook page.