Degrassi Quizzes = So Informative!

Posted on Apr 13, 2011 by Lisa

How much can three Degrassi quizzes teach me about myself? Hmm. Let's see.

Are You Falling Out of Love?I took the Degrassi-inspired "Are You Falling Out of Love?" quiz and found out that I'm NOT falling out of love! Yay for love.

Which Degrassi Dork Are You? Then I took the "Which Degrassi Dork Are You?" quiz and found out that I'm Clare. Yay for Clare!

Who's Your Degrassi Girl Crush?That's when things got a little weird... I took the "Who's Your Degrassi Girl Crush?" quiz, and found out that I have a girl crush on Clare. Wait -- the last quiz told me I am Clare. Does that mean I have a girl crush on myself? (If so, I prefer to think of it as self-confidence.)

Have you taken these quizzes? What did you get?