How well do Sav and Holly J know each other?

Posted on Aug 08, 2010 by Mary

Ray and Charlotte from Degrassi compete to see who knows whom better.

Who knows what's gonna happen with their characters Monday night (at 9p et!), but I do know that Ray Ablack and Charlotte Arnold have spent a lot of time around each other at work on Degrassi.

So I made them play a game... I isolated them and made them answer questions about each other to see how well they know their co-star. Results below:


Question 1: Which of these gum flavors do you think Ray/Charlotte would pick: wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, strawberry, or bubblegum?

Charlotte said: I feel like Ray might be a bubblegum kind of guy... ooh, this is tough. I'm so determined to win! Hmm. Strawberry. I'm just gonna go with my gut. Random, strange, strawberry.
BEEAAH. Correct answer: Spearmint.

Raymond said: Strawberry?
BEEAAH. Correct answer: Cinnamon.

ROUND ONE SCORE: Charlotte 0, Ray 0.


Question 2: What is Ray's/Charlotte's mother's name?

Charlotte said: Oh my God, oh my God. I doubt he knows my mother's name. I know a lot of Guyanese women go by Bibi? Maybe Bibi? It's not her name! I have no idea.

Raymond said: Louise.

ROUND TWO SCORE: Charlotte 1, Ray 1.
Plus one point for us because now we know that Ray is Guyanese and not South East Asian as commonly believed!


Question 3: What do you think Ray's/Charlotte's favorite pizza toppings are?

Charlotte said: Meat in general. Meat lovers.
BEEAAH. Correct answer: mushrooms.

Raymond said: Pineapple?
BEEAAH. Correct answer: onions.

ROUND THREE SCORE: Charlotte 1, Ray 1.


Question 4: What do you think Ray's Charlotte's favorite band or musician is?

Charlotte said: Protest the Hero.

Raymond said: The Distillers, or Brody Dalle.
BEEEAH: Correct answer: Leonard Cohen

ROUND FOUR SCORE: Charlotte 2, Ray 1


Question 5: What was Ray's/Charlotte's first role?

Charlotte said: Simba in the Lion King.

Raymond said: A McDonald's commercial. She was in a Batman toys McDonald's commercial.
BEEAAH. Correct answer: "My first commerical ever -- a little Degrassi trivia -- was with Jake Goldsbie [TOBY!]. I was 4 years old, he was 5 years old. We're little, I'm strapped in a car seat; it was for Tiger Toys, these little Gameboys, and I was like, "Mommy, i can do it!" But the McDonald's one was the one that Ray saw when he was an infant and still remembers! Aww!

FINAL SCORE: Charlotte 3, Ray 1


Charlotte is the champion! To celebrate, I'm putting up this picture of Raymond demonstrating the secret handshake he developed with Luke Bilyk (aka Drew Torres) on her -- it ends in a hug, because Ray is adorable.

Raymond Ablack gives Charlotte Arnold the secret handshake.