Songs from Tonight's Degrassi

Posted on Feb 18, 2011 by Mary

If you were wondering about any of the songs you heard on this week's Degrassi, here you go! Info on all the songs, including commentary from the Degrassi Music Team (the quotes in italics) about how those songs ended up there!

Down With Webster music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"Time to Win" by Down With Webster
From the basketball game at the beginning of the ep.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"We love, love, love Down With Webster - we had to have them in Degrassi. We tried this over a bunch of scenes until this one landed - and it couldn't have looked better. Another rocking song to score Drew's life at Degrassi."

"So Easy" by Gina Cutillo
Alli and Malaika make "friends".
"Gina caught up with Stephen Stohn on twitter and offered up her music. The song made its way to us and then into the cut. Just goes to show you, if you never try, you neverwin!"

"Breakdown" by Ketch Harbour Wolves
From the scene when Drew and Bianca talk about their past... and end up making out.
"Ketch Harbour Wolves are sincerely, genuinely nice gentlemen, and as their band name suggests, their music is as warm and inviting as the picturesque image of a distant wolf howling to a distant moon. Wrapped in a sepia tone of guitar reverb, this song and its lyrics give us shivers still. It brings a little maturity to the otherwise immature Drew and Bianca."

"Chewed Up" by Gloria Cycles
From Riley and Zane's little talk.
"We were just looking for fun and a little silliness, and this song fit the bill. We love the vocals and the lyrics are perfect for Drew's shenanigans. Just a ton of fun. "

"Gasoline Handshake" by The British Columbians
From the last basketball game in the episode.
"A dirty rock song for this gritty scene, The British Columbians deliver angst and uncertainty - but we know Drew's going to win, right? Another point for the Degrassi editors who championed this handshake and lit it on fire."