Songs from Tonight's Degrassi: The Way We Get By, pt. 2

Posted on Feb 25, 2011 by Lisa

If you were wondering about any of the songs you heard on this week's Degrassi, here you go! Info on all the songs, including commentary from the Degrassi Music Team (the quotes in italics) about how those songs ended up there!

Santa Clara music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"The Fool" by Santa Clara
Bianca and Drew try to fit in at The Dot.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"Tim Langley came across our radar and we shook hands in The Library Bar in Toronto's Royal York Hotel in 2009. Since then his band, Santa Clara, has taken off, and we're real happy to have their song in the show. The placement is awesome, over three scenes, tying them all together in a nice bow."

"Black Candles" by Kae Sun
When Riley wakes up and tries to talk to his mom.
"This is actually a very sad song -- go read the lyrics and find out what it's about. It's message merits investigation into the song and the artist, and it's tone and mood set it to Riley's scene, but the two have little else to do with each other. We really wanted Black Candles to see the light of day, and think the Degrassi fans will give it it's proper moment."

"Your Room" by The New Rags
While Bianca and Drew are talking to Ron Ron.
"The New Rags are a wicked fun indie band from NYC -- check out their rendition of "The Cascades". We needed some fun in the Ravine, but some edgy, non-linear fun, because we all know what everyone down there is up to..."

"Licence Plate Eyes" by Steve Poltz
While Drew and Bianca are hanging out in the ravine.
"We won't rag on Drew for taking shrooms -- that's between him and his mom (ouch). Instead, we'll try to get into his head -- and this song puts us right in that zone at that moment (for better or worse!). PSA moment: Drugs are bad. But Steve Poltz is awesome."