Songs from Tonight's Degrassi: Jesus, Etc., pt. 1

Posted on Mar 04, 2011 by Lisa

If you're wondering about any of the songs you heard on this week's Degrassi, here you go! The quotes in italics are commentary from the Degrassi Music Team about why they picked each song.

The Dashing Suns music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"Sally Moore" by The Dashing Suns
While Eli and Clare are in the hearse.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"The Dashing Suns out of California know how to rock, and that retro guitar sound is just so darn appealing. A small debate ensued where we talked about having the song come from Morty's stereo, or have the song outside the characters' world. We decided to feature it, making you think it's going to be a fun-filled jovial episode, but we tricked you, because some pretty creepy stuff happens!"

"Come On Stomp!" by Thee Vicars
During the diaper competition.
"This UK band stomped into our hearts and into Degrassi -- just some good old-fashioned Britpop adding some energy to the baby-changing race."

"I'm Gonna Change Your Life" by The Thermals
While Fitz and Clare talk at The Dot
"The Thermals are like your high school chums, just a load of fun in a familiar setting. Even though this was a bit buried in the background it still deserves a mention, as the Producers really liked its message over Fitz and Clare. Some foreshadowing in this song -- maybe Fitz really has changed?"