Songs from Degrassi: "Underneath It All, pt. 1"

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 by Lisa

What song was playing during Fiona's party? Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

TeenNick's Degrassi

"All I Want to Believe In" by Modernboys Moderngirls
As everyone comes back to school. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"As we come back to school, everyone is a little older and a little wiser, and that's what we aimed for with this song. The Toronto indie band Modernboys Modergirls paced the scene for a warm welcome back."

"Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday)" by USS
Fiona's party music.
"There's some tension in the scene that is lifted a bit by the music, but not too much -- it still needs to feel a bit awkward. Fiona is, after all, trying to make new friends."

"The Lights" by Fred
Tin foiling the cafeteria.
"The song's instrumentation sold this placement. The scene needed something magical or unknown, something that would seem surreal. The prank is pretty epic, and the music makes the kids feel invincible."