Songs from Degrassi: "Not Ready to Make Nice, pt. 2"

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 by Ryanmcl

Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

TeenNick's Degrassi

"Intro/You Were So Right" by Amos the Transparent
The police bust Summer's house. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"This was sent to us as a brand new Amos the Transparent album, freshly mixed and mastered the day before. This is technically two songs, "Intro" and "You Were So Right" -- but it was sent to us as one song. They both fit so well over a couple of scenes that we decided to keep them together."

"Just the Same" by Justin Hines
Clare at dinner with her new friends.
"This new release by Justin Hines is a magnificent album, full of wonder and poetry, and his music is perfect for the show. A little whimsical and hopeful, it made for a powerful and lovely moment as Clare searches for her place in the world."