Songs from Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 2"

Posted on Apr 06, 2012 by Ryanmcl

Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

TeenNick's Degrassi

"Nerve" by Half Moon Run
Eli and Adam creep up Fiona's fire escape. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"We are so happy to have found a home for this song on Degrassi. We remember when HMR's demo CD was sent to us, we were instantly amazed, and now they're one of the best up and coming bands Canada has to offer. The sincerity of this song, its simple attitude, mimicked Eli's creepiness as he snuck up Fiona's fire escape."

"People Is Place" by Little Scream
Imogen snaps pictures of a sleeping Eli.
" Little Scream was another perfect sound for Eli and Imogen -- a little eclectic, but very dark and mysterious. Sounds like a breakup song to us."

" Gem" by The Matthews Brothers
Eli destroys everything that reminds him of Imogen.
"The Matthews Brothers, hard working guys from Stirling, Ontario, reminded us of a cross between Mumford & Songs and Great Big Sea -- although this is one of their more gentle songs. This establishes Tori and Zig as vulnerable. Up to this point we thought they were solid, but if we've learned anything on Degrassi, it's that breakups come soon after a breakup song."

"Kids" by Acres of Lions
Eli and Imogen stay friends.
"This was one of the more exciting songs to place this season -- for the simple reason that it wasn't even recorded when we knew we wanted to place it. Back in 2011, Acres of Lions performed this song at a music festival in Toronto, and afterwards we spoke with them about recording it. Low and behold they did, and the placement was completely natural, and fit this scene so well, tying everything together in a clean, neat package."