Degrassi Tackles Texting And Driving

Posted on Aug 19, 2013 by Rachel1016

Last week on Degrassi, we were shaken by the passing of one of the show's most unique and beloved characters, Adam Torres.

Although Adam's death may have come as a shock to all of us, his passing can also serve to teach a valuable lesson about texting while driving. In a world where we're in constant communication with one another, anxious to send or receive messages, it's easy to lose sight of how our behavior can become irrational. We think, "My phone is right there. One quick text will only take a second." We've seamlessly integrated checking our phones into almost every aspect of our life; it's undeniably easy to divert our attention for a moment. But in reality, as Adam's story illustrates, a moment is all it takes to turn your world upside down.

Legendary filmmaker, Werner Herzog, tackles the issue of texting and driving with haunting real-life honesty. His film, "From One Second To The Next" features four heart-wrenching stories of texting and driving accidents told by victims, victims' families, and the perpetrators themselves. Watch the documentary here, and in Adam's memory, take the pledge to not text and drive.