What Songs Do YOU Want to Hear on Degrassi?

Posted on May 23, 2011 by Mary

Which bands' music do you think belongs on Degrassi?
Sav and Holly J are dying to hear which bands you'll mention.

I had a brief chat with Degrassi's Music Supervisor last week -- he's the one who gave us all that great info last season about how they picked the songs that went in each scene -- and he told me three very interesting things:

1) He's not the kind of person who minds getting inundated with submissions.
2) He's curious about your favorite music, and which bands (including the widely unheard of) you think would totally work on the show.
3) He doesn't mind if you tweet him directly about it! He's @jvonhollen. Or, if yr not a twittering type, you can post in the comments and I'll make sure he sees it.

Seriously, you could even send him a link to your own band's demo if you wanted to! Why not, right?