Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'About A Girl'

Posted on Aug 02, 2013 by Rachel1016

It's hard to believe that with every new episode of Degrassi we inch closer and closer to the summer's end. The summer season, both on-screen and in our real life (as much as we'd like to consider Degrassi real life), is moving with breakneck speed, but the excitement and tension continues to stack like an NFL pileup!

As always, if you haven't seen the new episode, watch it here,because we'll spoil you worse than Vernon and Petunia!

Adam and Becky's jealousy issues emerged in the season premiere, but this week it all came to a head when Adam, after seeing a few pictures of Becky and shirtless-Bible-study-chauffeur Todd, started to suspect the worst. Sure, it's dangerously easy to misinterpret a photo on the Internet, but there is nary a state of jealousy in which it is OK to hack into someone's account, pose as them, and write a kiss-off message to an individual who didn't technically do anything wrong. Right? Oh man, Adam, what were you thinking? Your plan completely skirted the real issue and boasted a 100% probability of getting back to Becky. I mean, far be it from us to suggest that Becky was in the right by posting those semi-suggestive photos with Todd, but we sure hope you can bounce back from this one.

We've been waiting for a few weeks now to see where Alli and Leo's relationship will go. This episode, Alli started to suspect her feelings for Leo were moving too fast, and she took extra precautions to ensure she wouldn't go too far. Enter: date crashers, Jenna and Connor, who were enlisted to keep the, erm, desire to a minimum. Generally confused by the surprise guests, Leo unknowingly started to talk about intimacy, and Connor said something about being repulsed by sex. An awkward moment ensued, and it seemed as though Asperger's got the best of Connor's good intentions. Thankfully, though, all ended well for Alli and Leo as they whispered sweet nothings in French and shared a pinky swear, the ultimate romantic vow.

It's no secret that half of this episode showed Miles and Zoe lockin' lips, but in what universe is it acceptable to be making out in a classroom? I know everyone is a little more affectionate in Europe, but puh-lease! The Miles/Zoe incessant make-out session started to really upset Tristan, and when Maya tried to speak up for him, she in turn embarrassed and really upset him. Maya seemed genuinely remorseful, but her feelings for Miles (and potentially Miles' feelings for her) still seem questionable, as much as Maya may never want to reveal them for Tristan's sake. Her slip of the tongue didn't seem an irreparable infraction against Tristan, but we all know how love can cloud reason. Maybe he just needs time?

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