Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'My Own Worst Enemy'

Posted on Jul 26, 2013 by Rachel1016
It's no secret that Degrassi has a tendency to trigger an emotional avalanche in all of us. Really, it's something we should be used to by now, but don't you think that last night's episode ran the gamut of feels? We saw everything from elation to devastation, and after taking a beat to process, it's time to break it all down. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it online, because you only get one spoiler warning! And that was it!

Clare's MRI results marked a MONDO triumph this episode. You know, the smiley-face-with-a-single tear kind of triumph  :`) When Clare's mom gave the good news, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted, and it felt like the first time Clare was truly happy the entire season! But remember that time Clare decided to concoct a hospital escape plan with Drew? Yeah, probably won't file that one under "Best Ideas Clare's Ever Had." She deserved that flicker of normalcy, but at the very moment Clare ripped away the medical wiring and stepped out of her hospital gown, she put her health in serious jeopardy. Dare we forget the camper who coughed in her face? Or the fact that she upchucked in the middle of the Degrassi camp obstacle course? She's not in the clear, and I sure hope her momentary lapse doesn't have lasting effects.

We've seen Alli make questionable decisions because of boys before, and this episode saw her almost repeating the same mistake. After neglecting to visit the Louvre (and instead visiting the Leo), Alli nearly flunked her French presentation. She was lucky enough to have Madame grant her a make-up assignment, but with a planned date getting in the way AGAIN (girl, your timing is impeccable!), she hoped her romantic evening might include an ever-so convenient trip to the museum. Well, Leo thought Alli was taking advantage of him for homework, and Alli realized it was high-time she think about balancing her Parisian adventures with her academic obligations. Lucky for her, though, Leo is some kind of wonderful and they swiftly made up (not least not yet)! Off to the Louvre, for REAL!

Last episode, Tristan entered the friend zone with Miles. At the time, it wasn't immediately clear (though one could make an educated guess) that Trist was interested in Miles as more than friends. But this episode, not only did Tristan attempt to kiss Miles (who politely did not reciprocate), but he found Zoe playing, er, "sit on Santa's lap" with Miles. And until this moment, it seemed like Tristan really thought he had a shot. It remains to be seen exactly what Miles Hollingsworth III wants, but one thing's for sure, he is in high demand, y'all.

Alright, it's time for us to sign-off and time for you to sound off! In the comments!