Degrassi Wrap Up: Doll Parts, Pt. 1

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 by Lisa

I love Fridays, especially when they involve a new Degrassi. Let's talk about tonight's episode! (If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here. *Spoilers below*)

Maya and ToriMy sister is visiting, so she watched Degrassi with me tonight. We were both pretty mortified by the first scene (rewatch it here!), when Maya takes off her shirt to get Cam's attention, and ends up embarrassing herself. I am just as awkward as Maya is, so it hurt my heart to see her fall off Cam's bed when she was trying to be sexy.

Tristan and MayaHey, if you're in high school right now, I have a question for you -- Does anyone in your school actually wear fake eyelashes to class? I think of false eyelashes are a "special occasion" thing, perfect for days when you're entering a beauty pageant, going to prom, or wearing a Halloween costume. I can't imagine Maya or anyone else wearing them to school on a daily basis. Also: I don't like that she's only going glam to impress Cam. (Haha. My inner Imogen voice just said, "I rhymed, so it must be true!")

I don't think Maya should have to work that hard to impress anyone. She's smart, friendly, nice, talented, and super cute. She and Cam seemed like they'd be so good together, but maybe Cam just has too much going on in his life (and his head) to be the kind of boyfriend Maya wants. Do you think Caya/Camaya are over for good? And when Maya says she wants a "guy like Zig," does she really mean she wants Zig?

Katie and JakeI'm amazed that Marisol, Katie, Mo, and Jake convinced their parents to let them go on a couples' vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Would your parents let you go on a trip to Mexico with friends (and no parents) in high school? I feel like my parents would've just laughed at me, and said, "No parents? No way."

Mo and MarisolI get that Marisol was concerned about Mo's health form, but I don't agree with how she dealt with it. When Marisol found the needle, my sister said, "I can't believe she looked in his bag. I would be so mad if somebody did that to me." I agree... no matter how concerned you are about someone's well-being, invading their privacy is never the answer. Do you think Mo's secret is going to ruin his relationship with Marisol? Or will the fact that Marisol went through his stuff destroy his trust in her? Either way, I feel like they're headed in a bad direction. Relationships are all about communication, and these two aren't exactly communicating.

AdamI like that Adam and Dallas are getting along, but I'm not sure Dallas is the best person to turn to for advice. (When Audra said "I already have one son with brain damage," I couldn't help thinking about how Dallas encouraged Drew to drink so much at the house party.) We've seen Dallas be a jerk to so many people... I don't want him to get Adam in trouble. I felt very overprotective of Adam in this episode for some reason. If you were Adam, would you forge the permission slip? I'd be tempted.

Adam spikes the ball!
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