Degrassi Wrap Up: Doll Parts, Pt. 2

Posted on Nov 03, 2012 by Lisa

My-oh-Maya, lots of stuff happened in the latest Degrassi. (If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here. *Spoilers below*)

Maya and Tori
Maya and Tori's friendship has been complicated since the beginning (Remember when Tori cried in Mr. Simpson's office and convinced Maya to talk to Zig for her?), but this whole pageant thing added another layer of complexity. Tori convinced Maya to do the pageant because she thought it would be good for Maya's self-esteem, but then in this episode, Tori started saying things like "You just aren't the right pretty." That kind of talk can be pretty damaging to a girl's self-esteem.

Maya and Zig
Of course, Maya wanted to get back at Tori, so she asked Zig to perform with her at the pageant. I keep thinking over everything that happened between Maya and Tori (and Zig) and wondering: Was Maya and Tori's friendship always destined to fall apart? Or do you think they'll get through this and stay friends? I loved the pageant interview scene (rewatch it here), but I feel like if Tori finds out about this kiss, she may freak.

While I'm on the subject of the kiss... Zig seemed to think it meant something. Do you think it did? Do you think he'll break up with Tori?

Mo and Marisol
Meanwhile, in Marisol and Mo's relationship... he's been keeping secrets, she's been invading his privacy and making wild assumptions. I'm glad Marisol finally figured out what lots of sensible people suspected last week: Mo isn't addicted to drugs -- he has diabetes. I understand that he kept it a secret because he wanted Marisol to see him a certain way, but if you were dating him, wouldn't you want to know the truth?

Audra and Adam
The truth seems to have a way of coming out eventually -- it definitely did for Adam, when he got a bloody nose playing the sport he didn't have permission to play. I was impressed with how well Audra handled it, though. Instead of getting mad that Adam forged her signature, she seemed to understand why he had. When she told Adam "I'm so proud of the man you're becoming," I teared up a little. I'm so proud of the mom Audra is becoming! She seems so much more supportive of Adam than she used to.

One last thought about this episode: Remember when Cam said "I'll try harder," and Maya said "You shouldn't have to try"? A lot of people (like Maya, maybe) seem to think relationships should just be easy... but don't good relationships usually involve a fair amount of work and communication? I feel like it's important to let the people you're dating know what you want/need from them. Who do you think has the strongest relationship on Degrassi right now? I'm torn between Eli and Clare or Drew and Bianca. Both of those couples have been through so much that I feel like they really understand each other.

What did you think of this episode?