Degrassi Wrap Up: I Want It That Way, Pt. 1

Posted on Nov 11, 2012 by Lisa

If you haven't seen "I Want It That Way, pt. 1" yet, watch it online before you read any further. Spoilers below!

Let's talk about Alli first. Why is a girl who's fast-tracking so she can get to MIT and conduct important cancer research hanging out with a guy who brags about "slow tracking" and "doing a victory lap"? It's like, she's on a fast train to success, and his train is stalled. Let's do a quick poll. Feel free to discuss in the comments:

Alli and Dave (a.k.a. Bhandurner) or Alli and Dallas (a.k.a. Bhandallas?)

Now that I think about it, my answer is "Neither." I know she misses Dave, but I don't think she has time for a relationship right now. No guy is going to be cool with it if she always cancels plans or shows up late.

I'm sad that Alli thinks she can solve her problems with a pill. I don't think there is a pill on earth that can help her right now. I think she needs a break for REAL -- one night off isn't going to cut it.

Now, onto the subject of Tristan. I totally related to his experience in yoga class. Some of those poses can be tricky when you're new (or kind of uncoordinated, like me). I think the worst part was that he wasn't honest with Fab. The whole situation would've been much less embarrassing if Tristan had just admitted that he's new to yoga.

Could you see Tristan as an action hero? I like the idea of an action hero who's not all muscley. All of us non-muscled people need someone to look up to! And we already know Eli likes unconventional casting choices... I hope he casts Tristan as the hero.

Tori and Tristan
Seriously though, Tristan's low self-esteem is breaking my heart. I get that he wants the lead in Eli's movie, and that he wants Fab to like him, but I am horrified about the cleanse thing. One of my friends tried something like that a few years ago and she ended up getting the sickest she'd ever been in her life. It was scary. The human body needs actual food, not just weird lemonade.

What did you think about the whole thing with Fiona, Imogen, and Natalie (Imogen's mom)? I get why Imogen's mom is concerned about her hanging out at Fiona's loft. The no-parents thing tends to freak other parents out in a big way. I was weirded out by Fiona's insistence on getting close to Natalie, though. She's dating Imogen, not Imogen's family. I guess every relationship is different, but for me, families don't have much of a role until you've been dating a long time.

I have one last (but important) thing to say about this episode:
Remember when Dallas said "High school is as good as it gets, so why rush it?" In my humble opinion, HE IS VERY, VERY WRONG. I guess we have to remember that for Dallas, high school involves being the captain of the Ice Hounds and being treated like star... but I think even for him, the best days are yet to come.

What did you think of "I Want It That Way, pt. 1"? Don't miss Part 2, Friday at 9pm et!