Degrassi Wrap Up: I Want It That Way, Pt. 2

Posted on Nov 25, 2012 by Lisa

I want to thank Degrassi for bringing the word "rapologize" into my life. If you haven't seen I Want It That Way, pt. 2 yet, watch it now. Spoilers below!

What did you think of Dallas' rapology? (Rewatch it here.) In the past, Dallas seemed to care a lot about his image. Remember how he freaked when Katie kissed Jake on the kiss cam, because he thought it made him look bad? It's hard to forget what he did to the roof garden, or how he stirred up so much trouble at Clare's birthday.

That said, he performed the rapology in front of the whole caf, and he seemed to mean it. How do you feel about him right now? Is Dallas becoming a nicer person? Or do you think he just REALLY wanted to go to the Jay-Z show?

Now, onto the subject of Alli and her pills. When she went over to the Torres house at 2 am, and pounded on the basement door, I reeeeallly wanted her to wake up Mrs. Torres. It would've been another chance for Audra to ask her famous question from Season 10, "Are you high?" After everything Alli has been through, I'm really disappointed in her for taking drugs that stop her from sleeping. I mean what was she thinking? Sleep is the BEST. (Unless you fall asleep at the wheel.) Alli seems like she's completely burned out on high school. I hope she keeps fast-tracking and makes it through, because I don't think she'd be happy to be stuck at Degrassi for another year.

Meanwhile, in Tristan-land... He wasn't doing drugs, but he did mess up his body in a pretty major way. Like I said last week, I have a good friend who tried a cleanse (just like the one Tristan was doing) a few years ago, and she ended up getting really sick from it. Like, the sickest she'd ever been. So if you hear anyone you know talking about a cleanse as if it's a healthy thing, please sit them down, and make them watch this episode. If Tristan wants to be healthier, he's got to listen to Owen (and me, haha) and do it the right way.

I'm glad Imogen/Fiona/Natalie worked out all their drama. And I'm glad we got a peek at Mama Coyne! I hope she's freed from house arrest in time to see Fiona graduate Degrassi.

What did you think of this episode?