Degrassi Wrap-Up: Tonight, Tonight

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 by Lisa

If you haven't seen "Tonight, Tonight" yet, watch part 1 here and part 2 here. Spoilers below!

Drew and Adam
We've been choosing Degrassi Moments to highlight from each episode, and choosing the moments for Tonight, Tonight was tough, because this whole episode felt like a Degrassi moment! I mean... Drew's cucumber advice? And then the fall-out from that (haha)? Those were some of my favorite Degrassi moments of all time. And of course, the shirtless Eli moment, though in my opinion, the highlight of that scene is actually when Jake glides by Clare's doorway on his skates. Too funny.

First up: let's talk about that Missy chick. When Missy gave Adam her number, I was excited. She seemed cute, friendly, and a little bit weird -- in a good way. When she and Adam hung out, she seemed open-minded and fun... even after the cucumber incident. I was like "YES! Adam finally met a girl who likes him exactly the way he is!" But no. She was just messing with his head to help her band win. Not cool, Missy. Not cool.

Adam and Chaz Bono
I loved the advice Chaz Bono gave Adam, especially the line, "Love is messy, and there's obstacles in any relationship." That is so true. I loved Adam and Becky together, but I do think their relationship will take a lot of work. I'm sure Becky's parents will take a while to come around, but I hope they do. I'd love to see what happens when Becky's parents meet Audra for the first time.

Cam and Maya
Now... about Maya and Cam. I'm so glad she told him the truth about kissing Zig before he found out on his own, and I'm glad they're still together. How do you think Tori is going to handle it? She got so competitive with Maya about the pageant stuff. I hope she doesn't act that way about Zig, especially since he doesn't seem interested in her at all anymore. Anybody got any predictions for Tori's romantic future? Can you see her with any of the other Degrassi guys?

Family meeting
Meanwhile, at Clare and Jake's house, it's time for a family meeting! I'm proud of Clare for confronting her mom and Glenn about the inconsistent rules. That was a very grown up way to handle it. (Though I'm also secretly proud of her for "borrowing" the truck. It's always fun to see Clare's rebellious side.)

Drew and Adam
How about that little party at the end? I totally teared up when Drew asked Adam to be the best man at his wedding.

SAVE THE DATE: On Friday, December 14th at 9pm et, Degrassi goes to Las Vegas for Drew and Bianca's wedding. It's coming up so fast, and I haven't even picked out a dress! If you've never dressed up to watch a wedding on TV, Dec. 14th is your chance!