How To Make A DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Board

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 by TeenNickBlogger

Jewelry Frame

Tangled necklaces? Bye. This DIY jewelry frame is the perfect way to organize your favorite accessories!

1. Grab your materials!

Jewelry Frame

For this project, you'll need:


Adhesive cork

Picture frame

Foam board

Spray glue

Push pins

2. Use the picture insert of the frame to trace your piece of cork and your foam board. Cut along the lines.

Jewelry Frame

3. Remove the adhesive protection on the cork and paste it to the foam board.

Jewelry Frame

4. Place your fabric pattern-side down on your work space, then place the cork board on top. Draw a two inch border on the fabric and cut it out.

Jewelry Frame

5. Spray glue on top of the cork board and then apply the fabric.

Jewelry Frame

6. Flip it over, spray glue the edges on the other side and seal up the excess fabric.

Jewelry Frame

7. Insert the cork board into the picture frame.

Jewelry Frame

8. Flip the board over and insert push pins into the cork. Hang your jewelry and voila!

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