Hey, drivers! Help a future driver out.

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 by Lisa

Josh can drive!If you've already taken your driver's test, what advice would you give someone who hasn't? If you passed, you're full of useful info -- but even if you failed your test, you might have a few tips that'd help somebody else pass.

In the episode of Drake & Josh that's on right now, Drake doesn't get his license because he runs four stop signs (and does a bunch of other things wrong) during the test. Tip #1: Stop signs mean STOP. All the way. Take it from Drake.

If you've ever taken a driver's test, please answer these:

1) What are the most important things to know for the road test?
2) What were the hardest questions on the written test?
3) If you've ever taken a driver's test and failed, what did you do wrong?
4) Got any other driver's test advice?