Drake, Josh, and first crushes

Posted on Apr 20, 2010 by Mary

Tell us all about it... how cute their hair was; how you started eating ketchup and mustard on your hot dogs because that's how they ate theirs; how you wrote their name 100 times on one page in your notebook. We won't tell them.

(I ask because I just saw the "First Crush" episode of Drake and Josh.)

Mine... well he was in my ballet class and we got paired up for the pas de deux at the recital, and he was like the only boy I knew because I went to all-girls' school and of course he was the only boy at ballet. And one time in 5th grade he kissed me on the lips but just a peck, outside the Howard Johnson's.

And I just looked him up and saw that now he's a real estate agent. Yes, I facebook stalked my 5th grade crush for you; I hope you're happy.