Five Ways To Have The Perfect Anti-Prom

Posted on May 09, 2014 by baileyb2112


It's that magical time of year again--the dress-shopping, corsage-buying and picture-taking that is prom. You can't wait, right?? Wrong. For some people, the idea of prom isn't so magical. Whether that special date never came along, you can't stand the thought of dressing up, or you simply cringe at the idea of prom altogether, never fear! Instead of spending your energy dreading that "special" night, why not throw the BEST ANTI-PROM EVER?! We've come up with five fantastic ways to complete the task, so plan away!

1. Get outta town! Don't spend your prom night at home with your cat! Why not grab a few friends and get away? Whether it's dinner at that cool new restaurant a few towns over or an entire weekend getaway, try planning something in advance so you have some great anti-prom plans to look forward to! Make sure to take tons of pictures for Facebook and Instagram to show your prom-goers that, hey, prom ain't everything!

2. Have a prom-themed movie night! Rather than getting all dressed up and spending the night out, cozy up in your sweat pants, gather your favorite snacks and settle down on the couch for a movie marathon. Whether you want to watch something romantic, funny or terrifying, there are plenty of prom-themed movies to choose from. We have to say, those prom horror movies just go to show that the dance of the year isn't always what it's cracked up to be!

3. Create your own magical evening! While your classmates are off dancing to the soothing tones of Pitbull and Avicii, you can create an atmosphere at home that is truly beautiful and memorable. Set up a table outside under the stars, decorate your porch with string lights and put together your favorite playlist for the evening. Cook a delicious meal with a few friends and enjoy the first warm nights of the summer. There's a chance you won't miss the chaos and noise of "real" prom.

4. Never grow up! Instead of completing the teenage rite of passage that is prom, why not relive your childhood? Invite your friends over for a night of board games, junk food and Spongebob marathons. Break out the Play-Doh and Legos and rediscover the good old days when EVERYTHING was fun! (But for the record, we fully believe that no matter how old you are, everything can be fun.)

5. Throw your own bad prom with your friends! Go to your local thrift store and pick out your favorite ugly prom outfit—preferably something colorful with a hideous pattern and shoulder pads from the '80s. Encourage everyone else to dress as ridiculously as possible. Hang a sheet on your wall and set up a photo station to commemorate a night of fun, friends, and hideous outfits.

So what if prom's not your thing? Get out there and have a good time!

Got more ideas about having the perfect anti-prom? Comment below and let us know what your plans are! Or, if you want to find how YOU should best spend your alternative prom night, take our quiz!