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  • Gigantic Trust Issues

    Posted on 11/09/2010 by Mary

    Grace Gummer as Anna Moore on TeenNick's Gigantic Why did Joey feel like he had to lie to Anna about playing poker? Do you think Maggie was right -- the Moores are too intimidating? Do you think it was because of the reason he needs the money in the first place? Either way... is the trust just not there between those two? says trust is at the top of the list of what guys and girls both say is the most important part of a relationship -- and honesty is second. What's at the top of the "healthy relationship" list for you? And... what does that mean for A&J?

    I was also kind of blown away when I saw on StayTeen that "almost 1 in 5 teens say they don't know anyone who serves as an example of a healthy relationship." Who are your healthy relationship heroes, and what do you like about their dynamic?

  • Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic songs!

    Posted on 11/05/2010 by Mary

    Here's all the song cues I could find from tonight's new episodes...

    The Narrative music on TeenNick's Gigantic
    • "Castling" by The Narrative
    • "Break" by Crown City Rockers -- you can hear samples of both songs over on the Gigantic page
    The Latency music on TeenNick's Degrassi
    • "Tonight I Love You" by The Latency -- you can hear a sample of this song over on the Degrassi page.
    • "Daydreaming" by Nat Jay
    • "Done for the Day" by Ryan Wotherspoon
  • Gigantic's Ryan Rottman (aka Joey)

    Posted on 11/04/2010 by Mary

    I chatted with Ryan Rottman -- Joey on Gigantic -- recently, and picked his brain about his real-life paparazzi type experiences. For the record: he's super nice, talks really fast but low-key at the same time, and was hanging out in Atlantic City when we spoke.

    Ryan Rottman on TeenNick's Gigantic So are there really people like Vanessa who call the paparazzi and tell them to be places?
    Oh, 100%. That definitely happens. Whether it's people's publicists that are just trying to get their face out there or just, Hollywood is full of people that just want to be famous. They want to see their face on a magazine or on TMZ.

    Do they ever really call the paparazzi and then when the photographers show up, pretend to be annoyed?
    Oh for sure. They'll call them and completely act annoyed, and, "Oh I can't believe they're here," and be rude to the paparazzi, because they don't want anyone to know that they [called them]. They'll totally play aloof. It happens probably more often than you think it does.

    But there are also people who just genuinely get attacked by the paparazzi, right?
    Yeah. If you're a huge star, they all follow you. And if you're going somewhere, they'll show up, and then if someone else shows up and the paparazzi are already there, they'll get their picture, too. But if it's not a massive star, the paparazzi are probably not just following them. They probably called.

    So, among the Gigantic cast you're the one who, if I search on your name, these alleged details about your private life show up...
    All over.

    What does that feel like? Is it ever flattering to think that people care about your personal life, or is it stressful, do you ignore it... how do you deal?
    I kinda do my best not to pay any attention to it and not to follow that whole thing. But of course, you see it certain places or you hear about it so, you want to know what people are saying about you. You do have to pay attention to it.

    But it's just weird. It's weird that people care enough to take pictures or write about you, or just care what you're doing, or whether you're in a relationship. And seeing a picture of yourself walking out of some place like a Ralph's grocery store -- it's really strange.

    Have you ever seen pictures of yourself that you didn't know were being taken?
    Oh yeah. 100%. They hide everywhere, and they're across the street -- you never see them. And then two days later, you see it online. It's awkward. You kinda feel like you're being stalked.

    Yeah! I would feel so violated! And it's just that you don't have the same right to privacy that everyone else has because... you're an actor?
    Yeah. And most of the time it's not me, it's the company I keep. When I hang out with friends who are very successful actors and stuff like that, it's very uncomfortable because [the photographers] are in your face and they're behind your car. And you just feel violated. It's like someone breaking into your car or your house, that feeling you get afterwards when you know someone's been in there. Just a very uncomfortable feeling.

    I can imagine also that if you're known as a couple and then go through a breakup -- if people are talking about it in gossip columns, that's gonna make it feel even worse right?
    Oh for sure. Whether you're with someone or you're not with someone, the last thing you want is to read or see someone talking about your relationship. It's none of their business whatsoever.

    Right. It's sort of one of Gigantic's themes, how Hollywood is basically high school amplified -- so people can imagine that in high school you don't want people talking on Facebook about your relationship. It hurts no matter what.
    Exactly, it would be like a blog in high school talking about everyone in the school.

    Do you feel like the public has any responsibility to not read that stuff because it is damaging to real human beings? Can anything be done?
    At this point, in our technological era, I don't think anything can be done. People are gonna read it; everyone wants to be outside of their own life.

    So, you have a production company, right?
    Yeah, we actually just finalized our next project which is James Franco's next film. It's called The Broken Tower; it's about a gay professor at Yale, one of the first to come out. Actually I have a small part in it as well, and James is directing it and starring in it. With our company, we set out to make movies that have substance... There are these amazing scripts in town that aren't getting made, so we wanted to make it our goal to find these scripts, these projects that are inspiring and that have meaning to them and get those made.

    Plus it must be an actor's dream to be able to produce films you would actually want to be in.
    Yeah, and we know James well and that's why we teamed up with him, because that's exactly how it is. He wants to make projects that have some meaning behind them; he's about the art and telling the story, and that's what I kind of idolize and strive for.

  • Gigantic OMG: Hollywood Step-Monster

    Posted on 10/30/2010 by Mary

    Technically she's just their dad's girlfriend and not their stepmother but still... would YOU want this person living in your house?

  • Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic songs!

    Posted on 10/29/2010 by Mary

    Here's all the song cues I could find from tonight's new episodes...

    You can hear samples of featured songs from the episodes on the Degrassi and Gigantic show pages, if ya like.

    Kate York music on TeenNick's Gigantic
    • "A Place So Small" by Kate York (that's her on the left)
    • "Better With You" by Five Times August
    • "Dizzy from the Ride" by Alex Roots -- this one, by the way, is the show's theme song. And, fyi, we recently learned that Alex Roots is a Virgo who loves tea, Coco Mademoiselle perfume, Paramore, and tidiness. She says the song "was actually written about how clumsy I am! Everyone who knows me best refers to me as a ditz because you can never trust me to not drop, spill, break or smash something. And as the lyrics in the song say... 'My body's always letting me down'."
    Jesse Ruben music on TeenNick's Degrassi
    • "Don't" by Jesse Ruben
    • "Crown Me" by pikihead productions featuring m. deezy
    • "You Ain't Coming By" by Kristen Jones
    • "Kiss Me" by Molly Thomason
    • "Warn Me" by Sports: The Band
    • "I Just Want to Love You" by The Strange Familiar
  • Let's Talk to Tony Oller (Walt from Gigantic)!

    Posted on 10/28/2010 by Mary

    Tony Oller from TeenNick's Gigantic So I see on the twitters that you and Malcolm seem pretty tight in real life. You guys make music together?
    Oh yeah, I think that's how we really formed a friendship. We both knew each other from other projects and knew who each other were. It was more or less like, "Hey, you did that one project?" "Yeah! You did that one project?" "Yeah! OK, good, we're friends."

    But when we cracked out the Mac and started using Garage Band we bonded like no other. We have so much music we've been making lately we want to make a mixtape and just throw it out there, have fun with it.

    What are you planning for Halloween this year?
    I was actually in the costume shop the other day, and I feel like the prices of costumes are going up so drastically, it makes me just want to throw on a hood and be Justin Bieber. It's just the simplest way to go about it... last year I was Justin Bieber. I said "Baby baby baby," and that was my whole entire costume.

    OK, so, with Snoop Dogg on this week's episode... I was kind of digging through your IMDB profile, and there's something about you auditioning for Soul Plane?
    Oh God! Wow, these are gonna come up. Yeah, when I lived in Texas, in order to get out there on camera, I was a nine year old who decided to dress up like a thug and audition for Soul Plane. I think my audition tape consisted of me lip synching Eminem's "Lose Yourself"... I didn't get it, but I ended up becoming good friends with the kid who did get it.

    Sweet! So, we talked on the site about Maggie; about how when Walt first introduces himself to her as "Tom," and she knows who he is but she doesn't say anything. Do you think that's shady behavior on her part, or did she not have a choice?
    I think... I can kind of understand where he's coming from, but also where she's coming from. I honestly believe, putting myself in that position, that if she would've said she knew who Walt was, he would have just brushed it off and been like, "OK, it's another girl that knows who I am" and moved on. I think it kind of gave him the time to put down his wall. And when he did, he realized that she's actually a good girl who isn't out to get him. I think it was a smart choice on her part. It's a cute little story they have.

    Yeah! I love the scene when she tells him she's studying to be an actress and he just kind of lets go of her hand...
    Every single time my friends call me they quote me on that line, "I don't date actresses."

    So are you glad you don't have celebrity parents, or do you kind of wish you did?
    Um, personally, I'm not into the LA stuff when it comes to liking that. I see acting as a career and it's something that I love to do, and I love to work. But I don't know, I find it so hard to balance stuff already, that having parents who were celebrities... I love my parents to death and I'd still love them if they were famous, but I'm glad I grew up with a normal life. Unlike Walt.

  • Gigantic Gossip Roundup!

    Posted on 10/27/2010 by Mary

    • Look out! It's break-up season! Shia Labeouf and Carey Mulligan apparently called it quits a little while ago, and so did Penn Badgley and Blake Lively. I guess at least both couples got a little bit of time to get over things in relative privacy before word spread. These, I guess, are the benefits of not being a twitter addict who compulsively tells everyone the details of one's existence.

    • Prince William and Kate Middleton have been dropping subtle signals (like consciously walking together in front of photographers) that maybe marriage is imminent. It's interesting to think about real bona-fide royalty in contrast to Hollywood royalty like the people on Gigantic. Similarities in terms of not having chosen to be famous -- just being born into it and never knowing any other way. Differences in terms of -- can you imagine having no say whatsoever in what your future job would be, like Prince William did? I feel suffocated just thinking about it.

    • Whatever horror story you have from your prom or photo day at school, you might have a hard time beating Hillary Duff's: she lost a tooth at breakfast the morning of her wedding.

    • And our beloved Rupert Grint says that seeing the aged version of himself in the new Harry Potter movie was sort of disconcerting.

  • Gigantic OMG: Joey is the Romantic-est.

    Posted on 10/23/2010 by Mary

    Ah, so THAT's why Joey was lurking around "visiting Walt" in that first scene on this Friday's Gigantic. He was just, you know, doing the sweetest thing ever for Anna.

    Plus, I love how this scene conveys those rare, sweet, warm fuzzies you sometimes get on the phone with someone you care about. So nice nice. Gigantic is really good at phone calls.

  • Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic songs!

    Posted on 10/22/2010 by Lisa

    Hear any songs you liked on Degrassi and/or Gigantic tonight? Here's your chance to find out who sings them:

    Check out samples of featured songs from the episodes on the Degrassi and Gigantic show pages!

    Alex Roots music on TeenNick's Gigantic
    • "Dizzy from the Ride" by Alex Roots
    • "C'mon Ya'll" by Salme Dalhstrom
    Stef Lang music on TeenNick's Degrassi
    • "Diamonds" by Stef Lang
    • "Because I'm Awesome" by The Dollyrots
    • "City Stars" by Line Spectra
    • "Travellin'" by Analog Smith
  • Grace Gummer and Gia Mantegna from Gigantic

    Posted on 10/21/2010 by Mary

    I caught up with Grace Gummer and Gia Mantegna (aka Anna and Vanessa from Gigantic) in New York recently to talk about the show, and their lives, and stuff and junk.

    Did you guys spend much time in New York growing up?

    Grace: I grew up in Connecticut in a small town and then I moved to NY in high school. Right around Sept 11. Yeah. I lived in LA when I was really little and I went to preschool there. So I was really mad at my parents when we left because it's like the perfect place for a kid. You know, you like rollerblade on Venice Beach and you're outside all the time. But yeah, I grew up on the east coast.
    Gia: I was born out here and lived out here but I was so little I barely remember it. And we kind of went all over the place, NY, Chicago, LA... so I consider myself an LA girl cause I sound like I'm from LA.
    Grace: I do too, weirdly.
    Gia: But I went to high school for a solid four years in LA.

    Having famous parents like the characters on Gigantic, did you have any experiences trying to guard your privacy as children or teenagers?

    Grace: No. I mean in some instances I would question who were my real friends. But I think that's what every teenager goes through in a way. Same kind of thing if you had blue hair. And you're like does that person like me because I have blue hair? But I like my blue hair. You know what I mean?
    Gia: Yeah -- I've never questioned whether somebody was friends with me because first of all, nobody my age would even care about who my dad is.
    Grace: But also, for me it wasn't part of my life so I never thought about it.
    Gia: It wasn't something that was hanging over my head ever... it was just being a teenager.

    What elements of the characters and stories do you feel are true to life for the children of celebrities? And what do you feel are not quite as accurate?

    Gia: My character Vanessa on the show never went to school, she was always homeschooled, she was emancipated when she was like 14 or 15. So she never really knew how to communicate with people her own age. So that's what makes her kind of twisted, and that's kind of where her issues are at, that's what makes it so difficult to relate to the other kids on the show. I feel like that's maybe true for some child actors today. But what's true in the bigger aspect of things is the drama that they deal with, relationships and sexuality and...
    Grace: ...friendships and drama ...
    Gia: That is all completely real. Everybody's had a first love. Everybody knows what it's like to have a break-up.
    Grace: Or obsess...
    Gia: Everybody knows what it's like to be bullied online.
    Grace: Or dream about your perfect date.
    Gia: So all of that is true to real life. With a little paparazzi thrown in there.
    Grace: And glam, and red carpets.

    Which is kind of the point of the show, right? No matter what, adolescence is...

    Grace: Really hard!

    If you had a friend who was going through what Anna's going through with Joey being sort of inscrutable, what advice would you give to her?

    Grace: I think something that I wish I would have known at that age is that you have so much of your life ahead of you and there are SO many other boys. And as long as you stay true to who you are and pick someone who makes you feel good about yourself, I think that's really important.
    Gia: Yeah, make yourself feel happy.
    Grace: And make sure you have your own accomplishments and goals and you're independent of each other. I think that's something really important that I didn't realize. I used to think that that one guy was the biggest deal and it would never happen. You know?