How do they find time to HALO?

Posted on Nov 29, 2010 by Mary

I'm reading about the 2010 TeenNick HALO Award honorees and am totally in awe of what they're doing with their time and energy... working to heal the broken foster care system, keeping attention flowing toward Haiti, running a pageant for girls with disabilities, and fighting for the human rights of child slaves.

When I read about them, the second thing that pops into my head (the first being: "I need a tissue and I want to hug that person") is: "Where do they find the time? And the energy? To be doing normal school loads AND finding time for all those meetings and phone calls and effort?" Because I think we all care about improving the world; when we hear the stories of people who need help we all want to help...

But the thing I loved about the HALO Awards last year is how, once you see the whole show and really get to know the honorees, you realize they're really not that different from you or me. They're not superhuman -- they're just somehow getting it done.

I think all of us have the potential -- you know how sometimes you're doing something you love and it just puts you in the zone? And you have all of this attention for it and time for it because it feeds your soul in some way?

I think if we're lucky, we can all find our calling, like the HALO honorees did. The thing that feeds our soul so much, that spending lots of time on it doesn't seem to be a big deal.