House of Anubis: Season 2 Continues This Week!

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 by Lisa

We're showing House of Anubis: Season 2, Monday-Thursday at 8 and 8:30pm ET (5 and 5:30pm PT).

Need to catch up? Watch full episodes here and here. If you're all caught up, you deserve some gifs!

I love how in this one they all look like glamorous soap opera stars. Watching this gif, you'd never guess how much time these kids spend in dusty attics, dirty basements, and cobwebby crypts.

House of Anubis

A useful life tip, whether you live at Anubis House or not: If you have to go anywhere dark and scary, don't go alone. Bring friends (and flashlights) with you.

House of Anubis

Don't forget to watch...

House of Anubis