Josh Duhamel is hosting the Kids' Choice Awards!

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 by Lisa

Do you guys love Josh Duhamel as much as I do? He's getting to be one of my favorite celebrities.

Last year, Josh was one of the celebrities featured on the 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards. If you missed it, the HALO Awards honor teens who "Help And Lead Others" by giving back to their communities, and they're one of the most inspiring, meaningful things I've ever seen on TV. On the 2012 show, Josh Duhamel spent time with HALO honoree Taylor Waters. They went to the beach together and bonded about their disaster-relief work. Josh seemed so kind, generous, and down-to-earth that it blew me away. (See Josh and Taylor in action in this clip.)

The promos for the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards make me love him even more. The HALOs showed off Josh's serious side, but I had no idea he could be this silly:

I love any guy who's willing to dress up like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, and all those celebrities just for the purpose of making people laugh. This video gives Josh Duhamel so many bonus points in my heart.

How crazy will things get at this year's Kids' Choice Awards? Tune into the KCAs this Saturday, March 23rd at 8pm ET. With Josh hosting, you know it's gonna be good!