• 10 Reasons You Can't Miss the 2015 KCA

    Posted on 03/26/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Just in case you haven't already cleared your schedule, set reminders in your phone and marked your calendar with bold orange font, here are 10 reasons you absolutely cannot miss the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday, March 28th at 8pm!

    10. THE FASH-UN

    The KCA are known for bringing the brightest, boldest and sometimes wackiest outfits to Orange Carpet. We'll be highlighting the best fashion throughout the night, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

    9. THE STARS

    KCA 2015

    Who's showing up to the 2015 KCA bash? Emma Stone, Liam Hemsworth, Debbie Ryan, Zendaya, Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Echosmith, Shawn Mendes and so many more... That's who!


    It's easy to get caught up in the star power, but let's remember the goal at hand: scoring a big W. Your favorite stars will battle it out for a coveted orange blimp, and it's up to you to VOTE and make it happen!


    KCA 2015

    We're not sure who has the record for most KCA appearances, but Nick Cannon is probably pretty close. In true NCredible fashion (both literally and figuratively), Mr. TeenNick Chairman will be in the house to help get the party started!


    Missing Degrassi? Well, we've got you covered! Degrassi faves Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres) and Cristine Prosperi (Imogen Moreno) will hit the Orange Carpet on Saturday to show some Panther pride! (So excited to see what they wear, TBH.)

    5. THE LOLs

    KCA 2015

    Humor is every Nick fan's bread and butter, so you know the KCA will have its fair share of belly-aching, tear-inducing and muscle-spasming laughs. Plus, TeenNick Icon and all-around hilarity monster Josh Peck is making an appearance, so... case in point.


    KCA 2015

    Can you say, LIVESOS?! And Iggy Azalea?! And Jennifer Hudson?! And Nick Jonas?!?!

    3. THE HOST

    Speaking of... this year's show will be hosted by the "Jealous" singer himself and, although Nick is no stranger to the KCA, he's got a lot on his plate. Good thing he's totally up to the task.


    At the 2015 KCA, expect the unexpected. You never know what will go down, especially when it comes to...

    1. THE SLIME!!!!

    KCA 2015

    We all know there's nothing better than seeing your favorite stars get covered in green, gooey goodness. Let the countdown to slime time begin!

    See you this Saturday, March 28th!

  • Open Heart's Mena Massoud Has a Crush on One of Hollywood's Favorite Sweethearts

    Posted on 03/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mena Massoud

    via @menamassey Instagram

    Stars, they're just like us! They have crushes on celebs, too!

    Open Heart's Mena Massoud, who plays the (almost) (not really) (maybe one day) lovable volunteer coordinator Jared, sat down with TWIST Magazine to talk about his role on the show and, oh, so much more.

    He revealed exclusively that he has a crush on the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. When speaking about the Oscar-winning actress, he said, "[My celebrity crush is] Jennifer Lawrence for sure, probably. That's common one, but I love her work and I love the way she carries herself in the media. There's lots of beautiful girls who are celebrities."

    You speak the truth, Mena. We love J-Law just as much as you do.

    So, who's your celeb crush? We wanna know in the comments! And make sure to catch Mena and the rest of the cast of Open Heart on Tuesdays at 9pm!

  • Fresh Artist Shawn Mendes is Going to the Kids' Choice Awards!

    Posted on 03/19/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    The Vamps: Rapid Fire

    Hold up, wait a minute. We have some major news. The sweetly-singing Shawn Mendes is going to his first ever Kids' Choice Awards!

    We fell in love with the Vine-superstar-turned-singer/songwriter when he was a TeenNickTop10 Fresh Artist, and now it's like, of COURSE, we knew he would go on to do big things.

    In addition to walking the Orange Carpet and taking in all of the amazing performances, Shawn will be presenting one of the highly coveted Nickelodeon Blimps to a superstar winner. Yep, excited does not even begin to explain how we're feeling right now.

    Make sure to catch Shawn and all of the other amazing stars at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards on March 28th at 8pm on Nick!

  • Glitter like Gold With These St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Designs

    Posted on 03/13/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    We know that it's not often you paint your nails green, but St. Patrick's Day is calling for you. And it wants you to do just that. Or maybe you do often paint your nails green. In that case, you're like always ready for St. Patrick's Day! Either way, try your luck at any one of these snazzy St. Patty's Day nail art designs and we're positive that it'll make your friends go green with envy.


    St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

    Credit: A Little Polish

    Everyone needs a little chevron in their life and St. Patrick's Day should be no exception to that rule. Thanks to Stephanie from A Little Polish and her light green and white, tight and tiny chevron pattern, we can have our shamrock cake and eat it too.


    St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

    Credit: Christabell Nails

    Itching for the luck of the Irish? Christabell from ChristabellNails has got you covered with her bright, cartoony clovers packed on every nail. Um, we're ready for our pot of gold now.


    St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

    Credit: Let Them Have Polish!

    Try not to get too caught up in this pretty swirled tendril design by Cristina from Let Them Have Polish! We're feeling that subdued, mysterious sort of look.


    St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

    Credit: Oooh, Shinies!

    With all the parades, parties, and seas of green, it's easy to get lost in the middle of everything on St. Patrick's Day. Bregje from Oooh, Shinies!, however, can help you stay on point (and on fleek) with this awesomely bold, straight-edged design.


    St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

    Credit: Coco's Nails

    Somehow, Coco from Coco's Nails has managed to make her St. Patty's mani look as subtle, clean, and simple as can be. She uses turquoise ombre, delicately painted white clovers, and golden gems to create an unconventional look that still screams St. Patrick's Day. Um, amazing!

    Whether you've decided to go hunting for leprechauns, follow a rainbow, watch a parade, or just party in your rockin' shamrock green outfit, make sure you've got the nails to match. Good luck!

  • Make an Origami Heart in Under 1 Minute

    Posted on 03/11/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    DIY Origami

    When Dylan Blake found the tiny origami note inside her father's watch, it was a total game changer. Tucked inside that little creation was his last correspondence and her first major clue in investigating her father's disappearance.

    Have you ever tried to make your own origami? Now's your chance!

    Check out our super simple guide and create DIY origami of your own -- a heart, because, obviously. When you're finished, show us what you got using #OpenHeartOrigami on Twitter and we'll give you some love! And if you're really ambitious, let's see if you can make it as small as the origami on the show!

    Here's how:

    1. Start with a square piece of paper.

    DIY Origami

    2. Fold the paper in half from corner to corner and open it back up.

    DIY Origami

    DIY Origami

    3. Fold the opposite corners in half and open it back up, so that you have two creases.

    DIY Origami

    DIY Origami

    4. Fold the top point of the piece of paper to the intersection of the creases.

    DIY Origami

    5. Fold the bottom point of the paper to the top.

    DIY Origami

    6. Fold the right and left side of the shape to the meet the center crease to create the basic heart shape.

    DIY Origami

    DIY Origami

    7. Flip the paper over to the opposite side. Fold the left and ride pointed sides slight in, to straighten out the edges.

    DIY Origami

    8. Fold the top two points in the same way.

    DIY Origami

    9. Flip the paper over and you've got a basic origami heart!

    DIY Origami

  • Open Heart OTP of the Week: Dylan & Wes

    Posted on 03/04/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    It's no mystery (*ba dum tsh*) that Dylan's love life on Open Heart has taken a backseat to her investigation. And TBH, it's been a long road for #Wylan. Remember when Wes almost got fired for letting his jealousy get the best of him? Or that time Dylan had a pseudo-crush on Dr. Hud, subsequently causing aforementioned almost-firing? Yeahhhh, this 'ship is no stranger to rough seas.

    OTP: Wes & Dylan><br />
<br />But this week, all you #Wylan hopefuls get what you most rightfully deserve. Our girl Dylan truly, officially, properly reciprocated feelings for a guy who's kind of amazing. And we're so happy she did. <br />
<br /><center><img src=
    *Screeching brake noise* But you didn't think it was going to be easy, did you?!

    Wylan's first attempt at locking lips was interrupted by a video chat call from Teddy, in which he bragged about a solo-mish break-in at the metal factory lofts. Ah, and the past rears its ugly head.

    With their puckers put on hold, Dylan and Wes rushed to loft, where Dylan told Teddy to take a hike -- literally, she called the cops on him -- and made her biggest discovery yet. Finding her father's medication was a huge breakthrough, a validation that his disappearance was more than a stupid affair, and you bet Wes was right by her side. <3<3<3

    (BTW, we totally count this as part of the date.)

    OTP: Wes & Dylan

    When they got back to Dylan's apartment, she thanked Wes for his help and sealed it with a kiss. A KISS! And this wasn't a mere "It's the least I can do" kiss -- it was, without a doubt, the moment Wes and Dylan became our One True Pairing.

    But we ask you, shippers... Is Wylan made to last? Or is their complicated past an indication of their future? The floor is yours.

  • Cristine Prosperi Talks Mikayla's Style on 'Open Heart'

    Posted on 02/23/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    If you're like us, you've noticed how Dylan Blake's bestie Mikayla Walker kills it in the style department. Well, we love her character's wardrobe so much that we got Cristine Prosperi to give us some exclusive details on each of her looks. (Now excuse us while we go buy some striped pants...)

    Mikayla's Style

    I like how Mikayla can do both girly and sporty. This look was a good mix of both! The heart sweater was adorable and another favorite of mine!

    Mikayla's Style

    Mikayla went for a more preppy look with this one! A conservative dress with a cardigan is a safe choice for a Sunday brunch, or a job interview!

    Guess What: The bracelet was pulled from Imogen's closet!

    Mikayla's Style

    This look was too cute! I love a good cropped sweater and anything pastel. This skirt made my legs look long and tanned and that's always a plus!

    Mikayla's Style

    Another look with country flare! Mikayla has a good sense of style in the bootie department! These jeans were high-waisted so it complimented the crop top.

    Mikayla's Style

    I felt like I was going to a disco in this look! Pairing busy tights is tricky but the black top with small embellishments worked! Another very comfy look!

    Mikayla's Style

    Who doesn't love a polka-dot dress?! My favorite part about this look was the bow belt and the shoes. The cutouts in the shoes were very trendy.

    Mikayla's Style

    Felt like a little cowgirl in this number! This dress was so flattering and comfortable. I liked how the necklace added a pop of color.

    Mikayla's Style

    These booties! Love how you can dress down a dress with a good pair of booties.

    Guess What? One night after set, wardrobe allowed me to wear these booties out for dinner with the cast because I loved them so much!

    Mikayla's Style

    Mikayla went for a sporty look and totally nailed it! The striped pants elongated my legs and the wedge sneaker made me even taller!

    Guess What? Everyone on the crew kept saying the pants looked like the suit Robin Thicke wore in Blurred Lines!

    Mikayla's Style

    Don't be afraid of bright colors! This look was so beachy and fun.

    Guess What? Wardrobe asked what I would do if I wore this. I said I would tie up the shirt, and we went for it on shooting day.

    Mikayla's Style

    This blue pastel was one of my favs! The open back makes it so unique and the lace add a flirty touch. Mikayla is definitely the dressiest at the hospital!

    Mikayla's Style

    Loved the pairing of pinks in this outfit and the neutral shoes tied it together!

    Guess What? We had to tape the necklace down for sound purposes.

  • Top 10 Fiercest Fifth Harmony Lyrics

    Posted on 02/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    If there's one thing we love about Fifth Harmony (excluding the obvious and undeniable: their pipes, their moves, their hair...), it's that they sing songs about the power of sisterhood and being fiercely feminist. We thought it only fitting to celebrate their success by rounding up the top ten fiercest lyrics from their latest album, Reflection!

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: Getty Images | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "Reflection"

    Because first, you learn to love yourself.

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: VEVO | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "BO$$"


    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: VEVO | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "BO$$"

    I pledge allegiance to my independent girls!

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: VEVO | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "BO$$"

    Confidence? So in right now.

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: MTV | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "We Know"

    The right way isn't always the easy way...

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: Getty Images | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "This Is How We Roll"

    ...but that's what your girlfriends are for.

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: Getty Images | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "Worth It"

    It's truly as simple as that.

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: Getty Images | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "Brave, Honest, Beautiful"

    Just in case you need to see it in writing...

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: Getty Images | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "Brave, Honest, Beautiful"

    ...you're fearless.

    5H Fiercest Lyrics

    Credit: VEVO | Photoshop: TeenNick | Song: "BO$$"

    Any questions?


    Do you have favorite Fifth Harmony lyrics, Harmonizers? What's your favorite song from Reflection? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to tune in to TeenNick Top 10 Fridays at 10!

  • Open Heart OTP of the Week: Jared and Mikayla

    Posted on 02/18/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    OTP: jared and Mikayla

    There's a chance you didn't see it coming, but when a Code Silver forced Open Heart Memorial into lockdown, something else turned out to be locked: Jared and Mikayla's lips! (LOL had to.)

    During the emergency, Jared jumped into protector mode and Mikayla shared her first-ever kiss with the high-strung volunteer coordinator. Chalk it up to "extreme emotional duress," but we're naming Jikayla our OTP of the Week!

    OTP: Jared and Mikayla

    Thanks to a peanut allergy situation, it didn't take long for Wes to find out about the smooch.

    OTP: Jared and Mikayla

    And at first, he was all... "You crossed enemy lines!" But then he asked:

    OTP: Jared and Mikayla

    What say you, Open Heart fans? Is Jikayla a premature 'ship? Or are we sailing off into the moonlight?

  • Five Times Taylor Swift's 'Style' Music Video Made Us Buckle Our Knees

    Posted on 02/13/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Swifties, REJOICE! Taylor Swift just released her brand-new video for "Style" today and it is B-E-A-UTIFUL. The video's release falls on Friday, the 13th -- which is no coincidence, since 13 is Tay's lucky number -- but the only thing truly freaky about it all is how much #RIPME is currently going on in our minds and bodies.

    We all know who reportedly inspired the third single off of 1989 (coughHarryStylescough... do we really need to say it?), but by the looks of this visually breathtaking clip, we are much more concerned with the fact that Taylor has somehow outdone herself. This might be our favorite video yet, and here are five reasons why.



    Thank you, Taylor, for this clue of all clues. The paper airplane allusion first appeared in "Out of the Woods" supposedly as a reference to a necklace that she and Harry shared. Now, she straight-up placed said necklace in her music video. *Praise hands*



    Since it's a central theme in the song's lyrics, it comes as no surprise that Tay's signature red lip makes multiple appearances in the video. But does anyone else think this image of her in wayfarer sunglasses hearkens back to the Red era? When she and Harry first met? Too much of stretch? Never.



    In case you didn't know, the leading man in this vid is English actor, Dominic Sherwood. If you look closely as he smolders into the camera, you can see that he has two different colored eyes. O_O Yep. Now we think she's just actively trying to make us lose it.



    In one of the video's stunning visual effects, Taylor raises her hands in front of her face, just as her the man's reflection appears. We're going to guess this creative decision was made because he is her and she is him and everything is one thing.



    Taylor Alison Swift. Go ahead and twirl into the abyss as the silhouette of your love interest appears on a sunset-laden beach. Just go ahead. You've already managed to make us flat-line and come back to life all at once! Truly, this video is everything we hoped it would be.

    But enough of from us! What did you think? Did you have a favorite moment from Taylor's new video? Let us know in the comments!