My Five Favorite Things About Voting

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 by Lisa

It's true! You'll get one of these if you vote.Are you registered to vote? I am, because I love-love-love voting. If you're not registered (and you'll be old enough to vote on November 6, 2012), don't wait -- register now. Voter registration deadlines vary from state to state, so be sure you register before your state's deadline. Most voter registration deadlines are in early- to mid-October, which is coming up fast!

When I was in high school, getting ready to vote for the first time, I had a T-shirt that said "Don't let the future happen without you. Register to vote." I still think that's an awesome saying, but I wore that T-shirt for so long that it eventually fell apart. If I still had it, I'd be wearing it to write this post.

My five favorite things about voting:

1. It reminds me how much I love living in the United States. I feel so lucky to live in place where I get a say in how the country is run.

2. By voting for people who share my views, I feel like I'm making this country a better place. It feels so good to vote for someone who cares about the same issues I do. It's like I'm giving that person a high five or saying "I'm on your side!"

3. My vote matters. Some elections are REALLY close. If you ever get the feeling that your vote doesn't matter, pay attention to the election results -- especially the local ones. When you hear about a close race, you know both candidates appreciate every single vote they got.

4. It feels futuristic. Maybe we don't have flying cars or robot maids yet, but we can choose who'll be leading our city, county, state, and country in the future. (And don't forget -- the senators, representatives, governors, etc. who win this election might end up running for president in a few years.)

5. Getting an "I voted!" sticker. I feel like wearing a voting sticker around on Election Day tells people "I love this country!" and it reminds everyone who sees it to get to the polls before they close.

What are your favorite things about voting? Share them in the comments.