Melinda's Beauty Blog: Beating Your Winter Skin Blues

Posted on Feb 25, 2014 by Melinda Shankar

Melinda's Beauty Blog: Beating Your Winter Skin Blues

You know and love Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari on Degrassi, but if you've followed her outside of the show, you've probably noticed she has a knack for style and beauty. We are so excited because Melinda has offered to share her image expertise with us in a brand-new beauty blog! Over the next few weeks, Melinda will periodically pop in to answer questions you sent us via Facebook and Twitter about hair, makeup, skincare and everything in between. She's taking to the blog to share all of her secrets, so stay tuned!

Melinda's Beauty Blog: Beating Your Winter Skin Blues

FAN QUESTION: What are some tips to beating winter skin? I'm always so dry and scaly feeling!

Winter winds can be harsh on our skin. The cold air dries it out and you can feel like you're braving non-stop skin issues until spring. One of my favourite (and inexpensive) cures is Petroleum jelly. It acts as lip balm, hair flyaway tamer, cuticle moisturizer, and treats wind burn. Not only is it a heavy source of moisture, but it's also instant relief for cracked skin. I wouldn't recommend slathering that on your face, however, as it has an oil base which can clog pores.

Drinking extra water is also key as hydration plays a big part in your skin. Too cold for water? Drink it hot! It'll double as warmth and comfort. Keeping a humidifier by your bed side at night can also help circulate moisture into the air, which, in turn, leaves your skin hydrated!

Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of Degrassi in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.