Degrassi's Melinda Shankar Visits TeenNick Headquarters!

Posted on Sep 10, 2013 by Rachel1016

You guys, how lucky are we? Last week, the multi-talented Melinda Shankar (a.k.a Alli Bhandari) visited us at TeenNick HQ in Times Square! The Degrassi senior / style maven / sweetest girl in the world was visiting the city on a short break and took time out of her day to chat with us! Can I just say, girl knows how to light up a room. And just because we work in the industry doesn't mean we're immune to extreme Degrassi-stan antics, okay? We shamelessly fangirled (and fanboyed?) all over the place when she sat down with us.

First of all, Mindy is 23847239 times more beautiful in person than her already-stunning TV self. She rocked an acid-wash crop top and mini skirt ensemble with some KILLER platform heels (no really, I would likely fall to my death in them), added a pop of color on her lips, and sprinkled a little bit of bling around her neck.

Killer heels, amirite?!

She chatted us up like we were all old friends, and gave us the scoop on the goings on of the Degrassi crew while they're in between chapters. In fact, she let us know that a few of the cast members attended the Toronto International Film Festival (which is a HUGE deal, y'all) and even though they've been on break, she said that cast is getting ready to start up filming again very soon! YAY FOR US.

Naturally, we tried to get some insider details about the upcoming season, and, well, we may or may not have gotten some juicy info. O_O Even though we're sworn to secrecy for now (SORRRRRRY), rest assured it will be worth the wait come October!

Check out these cute pics we snapped from the meet-and-greet!

You might be wondering what in the world she's holding up there... but we promise it means something! We have some great content with Melinda coming your way very soon.

Little known fact: Here at TeenNick we're not only know for stellar teen programming, but also world famous coffee served in giant mugs. Sure, it kind of looks like Mindy found a bug in her drink, but just trust us. All of this is true.

Is that the most glamorous fish face you've ever seen, OR WHAT? Work it. Covergirl.