• Degrassi Recap: 'Something's Got To Give'

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    We'll chalk it up to all those chestnuts roasting, but the Degrassi drama was hot like fiyah last night! Jack and Imogen navigated another more serious rough patch, Maya and Miles bonded over a lie, and Clare found out some big news about her baby. Major spoilers below, peeps, so if you haven't seen "Something's Got to Give" yet, watch it online before reading our recap!

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Imogen found out about Degrassi Nudes and knew it was DTV story waiting to happen. Disgusted, she decided to get to the bottom of it: "Women get exploited enough by the rest of the world," she said. "We shouldn't be doing this to ourselves." Jack wasn't too thrilled at the idea since she and the Power Cheer squad were the ones embroiled in the whole scheme, but Imogen wasn't going to back down.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    She let her plan slip to Principal Simpson, who said it was a matter for police. And eventually, Jack confessed to Imogen that she was involved in the whole ordeal. Not only did Imogen explain how big a deal it was selling your body for money, she was devastated that Jack cheated on her.

    After Imogen toyed with the idea of getting back at Jack by sending nude pics herself, she confronted her about the situation. "The personal is political," Imogen said. "This stuff matters to the world." Jack said she didn't care about the larger issue of sending topless selfies; she only cared about whether or not she hurt Imogen.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    And Imogen accepted her apology.

    Okay. So, good things: Imogen and Jack patched things up. Not so good things: Does it feel like Jack is missing the bigger issue here? Is Imogen letting her feelings for Jack eclipse the fact that she was a part of something really serious? ...Something that has implications far beyond their relationship? This isn't the end of the #oomfCHAT saga, and we're hoping to get more clarity soon.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    After Maya and Miles' accident, Maya overheard Dallas saying that it was his car that was hit. Miles had been high when the accident happened and Maya agreed to flee the scene because she knew that if Miles got a DUI, his father would lash out.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    But when Mr. Hollingsworth saw the damaged car in their garage, Maya panicked and told him that they were the ones who got hit. Miles agreed to the story, and pretty soon they were lying to police about a hit-and-run that didn't exactly happen as they remembered it.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Maya became paranoid about getting caught in a lie, but Miles didn't seem quite as concerned. In fact, he got high during school and blurted out to Dallas (with questionable word choice and little remorse) what really happened.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Dallas fought the urge to get physical, but ultimately handled it with his words. Miles and Maya realized they had come to clean to the cops and face their parents.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Once they came clean, neither Maya nor Miles were charged. But it remains to be seen how Mr. Hollingsworth will handle his disappointment. It might be easy to strike another tally in Miles' long list of missteps, but there's more at play here... and Miles' relationship with his father has much to do with it.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Drew wanted to make a good first impression when meeting Grandma Baker for the first time. He complimented her key lime pie, knew the names of each of her beloved dogs� and accidently revealed that he had a baby on the way. Woooooooops.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Unsurprisingly, Becky was pretty upset that he embarrassed her in front of her very conservative grandmother.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    And Drew realized that he was once again caught between Becky and Clare. The pregnancy situation was proving to be a distraction he just couldn't ignore, so Drew decided he had to break up with Becky. The baby had to come first and he couldn't keep disappointing her.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    Now that Drew was committed to Clare and their baby, he joined her for their next doctor's appointment. After finding out that everything was healthy and that they were having a boy (who would be named Adam, of course!!!), Drew let Clare finish the rest of her appointment in private. But when the nurse told Clare she was farther along than she thought, Clare realized something completely game-changing.

    Degrassi: Something's Got to Give

    The baby might not be� Drew's?


    Holy TWIST! Did you guys see that coming? What do you think will happen now? There is much to discuss this week, so the floor is yours!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Hush'

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    Last night on Degrassi, Becky spent more time with Jonah, Zo� tried to silence her blackmailer and Miles got into even more trouble. Watch "Hush" online if you haven't seen it yet, then read our full recap below!

    Degrassi: Hush

    When Becky started spending more time with Jonah, Drew became a little jealous. Even though Becky and Jonah were making music together, Drew was convinced that it was impossible for guys and girls to be just friends.

    Degrassi: Hush

    So when Becky told Jonah she had a boyfriend, it turned out "getting fresh" wasn't really on his mind. In fact, he was trying to get away from some mistakes that he made in past and Becky, letting Drew's jealousy get in her head, felt a little embarrassed.

    Degrassi: Hush

    After Becky and Jonah's performance at the Dot, Drew was totally impressed and even promised to stop being jealous. Good, right?

    Degrassi: Hush

    Hmm� As long Jonah really meant what he said about not having feelings for Becky...

    Degrassi: Hush

    The Power Cheer girls had a blackmailer who was threatening to expose their #oomfCHAT scheme. They got Grace to help them track the anonymous messages and when she discovered that the threats were coming from the Hollingsworth household, the girls were convinced Hunter was the mastermind.

    Degrassi: Hush

    The cheerleaders ambushed Hunter and demanded that he stop threatening them. He was confused and pretty annoyed at the situation, but agreed to stop sending them messages, anyway. The girls seemed to think they were finally free of their #oomfCHAT problems and ready to rock the competition.

    Degrassi: Hush

    And they did! 1st Place at Semis! Power cheer was back on top, and Zo� finally felt a part of something special. (That's all she's ever wanted, right?)

    Degrassi: Hush

    ...But they may have celebrated too soon. Later on, Hunter told his new friend Arlene about the confrontation. Apparently, he had no idea why the cheerleaders approached him and just agreed with the girls to shut them up.

    So, the real blackmailer is still out there? Wonder who it could be? Does this mean Zo�'s "ends justify the means" approach will finally catch up with her?

    Degrassi: Hush

    Worried about Miles' excessive weed use, Tristan, Frankie, Hunter and Winston attempted to stage an intervention. Their plan backfired when Miles accused Tristan of going behind his back. He said to Tristan, "You're pathetic, you know that? I treat you like absolute garbage and you keep crawling back for more. Are you really that desperate for someone to love you?" Ouch, grouch.

    Degrassi: Hush

    Miles stormed out of school, but as he was about to speed away from the parking lot, he backed into Maya's bike and completely crushed the wheel.


    Degrassi: Hush

    Miles offered to give Maya a lift to her doctor's appointment, and he found out that she's been in therapy for her anxiety. Considering recent events, Miles knew he was at least part of the equation.

    Degrassi: Hush

    Miles waited for Maya to drive her back to school, but decided to smoke up in the meantime. As they were driving, he lost control of the car and blew an open door off of a parked van. Even though Maya was really upset and worried about the accident, Miles refused to go back for fear of getting a DUI.

    Eesh. We knew something was wrong with Miles, but could this be the last straw?


    So many questions, Degrassians! If Hunter isn't the blackmailer, who is? Is there something more than just melodies going on between Becky and Jonah? Is Miles falling farther off the deep end? Get it all out in the comments!

  • TeenNick Top 10 Fresh Artist Interview: Lecrae

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    Fresh Artist: Lecrae

    Rapper Lecrae is an anomaly. The Texas native and our newest Fresh Artist has made his mark with a brand of inspirational rap that stands out not only for its refreshing message, but because it's just really, really good. Case in point: His Grammy-nominated album, aptly named Anomaly, became the first full-length to top both the Billboard 200 chart and Gospel Albums chart in the same week. *Drops mic*

    Lecrae shared some of his thoughts on what music means to him, how he plays a unique role in the genre of hip-hop and his love for a certain TeenNick chairman ;). Check out our exclusive interview below!

    1. How did you start rapping and writing music? Are there any musicians who have really inspired you?

    I started at about 11 with my neighbors. I got really serious at 13. 2 Pac, Lauryn Hill and Outkast were some of my biggest influences.

    2. What do you think is one of the most common misconceptions about the rap and hip hop genre?

    That all the content is degrading and glorifies negativity.

    3. What advice would you give to young people, musicians or not, about spreading positivity and making their voice heard?

    I'd tell them to be confident in the truth. Integrity is what matters. Your consistency can change people's lives. Also realize that you'll face opposition for your position so stand firm on your convictions. Allow your character to keep you wherever your talent takes you.

    4. You occupy a unique space in hip hop. Are there any challenges you've had to face establishing yourself in the community?

    For me I focus on being who I was created to be. I don't worry too much about being accepted. I think when you live for people's acceptance you'll die from their rejection. I know people appreciate me and what I do so I focus on that.

    5. What is one message you hope your fans will take away from listening to your music?

    There are plenty of messages. One is that they would be who God created them to be not what this world demands them to be. Success is not about comparing yourself to others, it's about accomplishing the mission you were created to accomplish.

    And now, the rapid fire round! We asked LeCrae a series of silly questions, and here are the first things that came to mind!

    Kalin and Myles

    If you want to catch more of LeCrae, head over to the TeenNick Top 10 page! And don't forget to tune in tonight at 10pm ET!

  • Get Your Jolly On With Festive Holiday Nail Art!

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    The Holiday season seems to come out of nowhere every year. Some people like to go over the top with dazzling light displays of glitter and glitz, while others like a more subdued salute to the season. Take the holidays with you wherever you go with some of the most festive nail art designs. You might not hang lights or sing cheery songs, but your paws will surely shine with holiday spirit!

    Snow One's Nails Are Cuter Than Mine!

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: One Nail to Rule Them All

    With frosty tips as fresh as show (without the cold or frostbite), these textured frozen masterpieces bring the season's weather to your nails. When the first snow falls everyone runs to the window, but you'll have everyone flocking to your fingers to see this fabulous look!

    Wishing for Turquoise and Gold

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: The Nailasaurus

    Silver and Gold aren't the only colors that go perfectly together this time of year. Mix and match those classic holiday sheens with a flash of color for a sleek and edgy look. Samantha at The Nailasaurus meshes these shades with an intriquite geometric design!

    Oh Glorious Glitter

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: Craftynail

    Who doesn't love glitter? Seriously. Jacqui over at Craftynail knows how to show some serious sparkle in a beautiful way. Play around with your favorite glitter polish and splash a little white color to create a snowy scene. It kind of looks like holiday lights during a snow flurry, right?

    Rockin' Around the Painted Tree

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: The Nail Polish Challenge

    Our girl Kelli at The Nail Polish Challenge has an eye for creating elegant nails inspired by iconic holiday symbols. This striped, dotted, and sparkling design will show off traditions in a stylish way.

    Seven Days of Style

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: The Nail Polish Challenge

    This chic Kwanzaa nail art not only honors a holiday of unity but is totally upscale and modern. Bringing together traditional colors, a dash of sparkle, and edge, this is a strong style to wear this season.

    Oh Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: The Nail Polish Challenge

    Combining the most vibrant sparkles and a steady hand, Kelli does it again! These sparkles will easily dazzle for eight days (not to mention they are just adorable)!

    Wrap Up Those Nails!

    Holiday Nail Art

    Credit: So Nailicious

    What print do we love this time of year? Tartan, of course! So Nailcious' red and green look inspired by the Scottish pattern is perfect for this time of year. It also happens to make great wrapping paper.

    Whether you're playing in the snow, wrapping presents, or lighting candles, give your nails a little festive love this season!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'I'll Be Missing You'

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    From #oomfCHAT to Triles to the fate of Bhandallas, last night's Degrassi reminded us to never underestimate the power of a curveball. If you haven't seen "I'll Be Missing You" yet, watch it online and then get the juicy details in our recap below!

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    On Zo�'s birthday, she received a threat from an anonymous person claiming to know about Degrassi Nudes. The blackmailer demanded that Zo� quit the team, but having found a home with the Power Cheer girls, she didn't want to.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    So, she asked Grace to help her shut down the site. Grace obliged in the most fantastically Grace way possible--"This is the seriously the nicest thing I've ever done for anyone"-- and Zo� thought she was in the clear. The site was gone, and her problem was *wipes hands of spare dust* resolved.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    Not so fast. That day at practice, every member on the squad received the same threatening text and Zo� soon realized that the situation was only getting worse. The blackmailer was not bluffing.

    "Kick Zo� off the team, or I tell everybody about your #oomfChat nudes."

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    Miles' erratic behavior became even more concerning when he stopped showing up to class. Winston blamed Tristan for a being a bad influence, and he was convinced that Miles' turn for the worse had much to do with their relationship.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    Tristan was determined to prove Winston wrong, but when Miles didn't show up to their history presentation, he realized the problem was getting serious. Tristan found Miles skipping school and smoking weed in his pool... a scenario that we're deeming not so cool.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    And he decided it was time for an intervention.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    When Dallas found out that Alli got into Cambridge, he became worried about their future together. If Alli went all the way to England for college, where would that leave them?

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    He decided to take Alli on a special date to remind her how important their relationship was. And when niner Shay Powers overheard his conversation with Drew in the gym, she offered her two cents about romance. She suggested Dallas plan a quiet and intimate dinner for them at a hotel.

    ...But did her advice come with ulterior motives?

    Alli wasn't too keen on spending the night at a hotel, since she wasn't ready to take that next step with Dallas. He was heartbroken and started to feel like Alli was drifting farther and farther away from him.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    After Dallas complained about his failed plan, he met Shay once again in the gym. He confided in her about the situation while she sprinkled him with a few compliments... and then tried to make a move.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    Right as Alli walked in. Oops.

    Degrassi: I'll Be Missing You

    Dallas was, of course, upset and tried to explain to Alli that he wasn't interested in Shay, he was just afraid of losing her. Alli explained to Dallas that sex was complicated for her, but she reassured him that it wasn't necessary for them to have a future together. And in a very mature conversation, they patched things up.

    Yes. A thousand times, yes.


    And the Degrassi train barrels on! Will Tristan and team be able to help Miles? Is the #oomfCHAT scandal going in the direction we, sadly, thought it would? Is there a larger and important discussion ahead of us? Let's hear it, Degrassians!

  • New Series 'Open Heart' Is Coming To TeenNick January 20th!

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    New Series: Open Heart

    TeenNick fans, we have news. Actually, we have really big news. The kind of news that's gonna make you want to fast forward in time.

    This January, we're bringing you a brand new show called Open Heart. It's a thrilling drama series that tells the story of Dylan Blake, a rebellious daughter in a family of doctors who has to solve one giant family mystery.

    When a run-in with the law lands Dylan community service at Open Heart Memorial Hospital, she uses her volunteer position to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her father. And even though she's surrounded by a family of doctors and good friends, Dylan is determined to unravel the secrets of Open Heart Memorial Hospital� all while trying to find her place in the world.

    Newcomer Karis Cameron will play the role of Dylan Blake and Degrassi's Cristine Prosperi and Justin Kelly will join the mystery-solving team as Dylan's friends! For more information, "Like" Open Heart on Facebook and follow @openheart_tv on Twitter!

    Get ready, because this is a drama with a pulse. Open Heart is going to be adventurous and addicting. It all starts January 20th at 9pm ET.

    We can't wait.

    New Series: Open Heart

  • TeenNick Top 10 Holiday Special With Kalin and Myles and Kendall Schmidt This Friday!

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    TeenNick Top 10

    It's holiday time at TeenNick Top 10 headquarters and St. Nick is ready to party!

    Join us on Friday at 10pm ET for a totally festive, totally frosty and totally fa la la fun TeenNick Top 10 NCredible Holiday Mix. We'll be playing all your favorite holiday tunes... plus getting into some antics with St. Nick and his elves.

    TeenNick Top 10

    But there's more holiday cheer to go around! Fresh Artist Kalin and Myles will stop by to chat their brand new EP, what it's like being on the road and... girlfriends?

    TeenNick Top 10

    Plus, Top 10 fave Kendall Schmidt of Heffron Drive will make an appearance for this week's Top 10 Interview Takeover! Y'all ready for this?

    Glad tidings to you, TeenNick Top fans. We will see you on Friday at 10pm ET to jingle bell rock it out.

  • Degrassi Recap: '(You Drive Me) Crazy'

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    "Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night."

    Britney's iconic lyric rung particularly true on last night's all-new episode of Degrassi. Maya's night terrors about Miles continued, Frankie learned something surprising about her brother, and Imogen wrestled with Jack's unconventional ideas about relationships. If you haven't seen "(You Drive Me) Crazy" yet, watch it online and then jump right into our recap below!

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Maya kept having nightmares about Miles jumping off a balcony, so she decided to find a distraction. When neither a Power Cheer music gig nor Tai Chi did the trick, Grace tried to prove to Maya that Miles was OK by hacking into his FaceRange messages. But when Maya saw that he told Tristan he wanted to "kill himself" she started to think that her fears might be realized.

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    So, Maya and her pals broke into Miles' house to see what was really going on. But when Maya confronted a sleeping Miles (who, we find out, merely had a head cold), he lashed out at her not only for breaking into his FaceRange page, but for breaking into his house.

    You guys, is Maya losing it? Or are her suspicions legit and maybe rooted in a past experience?

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Frankie needed help with her Computer Science assignment since her partners Lola and Shay were too busy with Power Cheer. She looked to her twin bro Hunter for a little homework-sharing action, but he refused, citing favors to anyone associated with Power Cheer as basically the last thing he would do.
    So, Hunter's not a cheer fan. Noted. But why?

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Frustrated, Frankie went snooping on Hunter's laptop. She found out that Hunter had drawn a dark comic depicting a brutal attack on zombie cheerleaders... who bore a striking resemblance to the Power Cheer girls. O_O

    Was Hunter actually harboring violent thoughts about the popular girls? Did he want carry out his comic in real life?

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    It was time for Frankie to do some recon. She found the full version of the comic in Hunter's room and noticed one other main character: a princess who looked a lot like Arlene, a girl that Frankie, Shay and Lola had teased once or twice. It appeared that Hunter just liked Arlene, and wished that he could work up the courage to be her hero.

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Frankie realized the actual situation and decided to do something about it.

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Okay. You know that one word you hope your S.O. doesn't say back when you tell her you love her? That one word that in any other scenario would be polite, but in one particular situation is paralyzingly inadequate? Welp.

    When Imogen told Jack she loved her, Jack responded with a lukewarm, hesitant "Thanks."

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    At first Imogen tried to play it cool, but when she confronted Jack about her feelings, she realized they weren't on the same page. Apparently, Jack wasn't into monogamy and being exclusive with Imogen wasn't ever really on the table.

    Imogen was taken aback by all this, but she was too scared to lose Jack to tell her that it wasn't ok for them to date other people... while they were dating each other.

    But after a little pep talk from Eli, Imogen barged in on Jack's ballet class to tell her how she really felt.

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    ...Well, her and her entire class of pint-sized ballerinas.

    Degrassi: (You Drive Me) Crazy

    Imogen thought she had blown it for real, until later that night Jack gave her a call. Turns out, Jack was just scared to get too close for fear of her family having to move again. She did love Imogen, and finally got the strength to tell her.


    Where will the Maya/Miles drama take us next week? Will we see more of Hunter and Arlene? Is Jackogen... backogen, for real? Thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams -- leave 'em in the comments!

  • Q&A With December HALO Effect Honoree Nicholas Cobb

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    HALO Effect: Nicholas Cobb

    Introducing, Nicholas Cobb, our HALO Effect honoree for the month of December! Fitting for this time of year, Nicholas is the founder of Comfort and Joy, an organization that raises money to buy coats for homeless families. 'Tis the season of giving, HALO-ers, and Nicholas is an expert at doing just that. Check out our exclusive interview with this special do-gooder below!

    Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind Comfort and Joy?

    I have been concerned about the homeless since I was very young. I researched homelessness and learned that it could happen to anyone and I wanted to do something about it. I have completed projects from collecting travel size soap, lotion and shampoo from neighbors when I was 7, to organizing community supply drives when I was 12. I wanted to do something that I could do for more than one year that would help people longer. So, in the fall of 2009, I started my own non-profit corporation, Comfort and Joy. The purpose was to raise money to buy coats for homeless families. I based the name off of lyrics from the Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". I presented the idea as my Eagle Scout project and it was approved.

    How do you engage members of your community to donate? How do you spread the word about your organization?

    I worked a lot with my Scout troop and my community. I used already existing websites like "Make a Difference Day" and I built my own website www.comfortandjoytexas.org. I use Constant Contact on my website to keep my volunteers and donors informed. I also work with other organizations like the Veteran's of Foreign Wars, The Junior League, The Home Depot Foundation, and when I was in high school, my National Honor Society chapter. The awards I won also helped a great deal to spread the word about the organization. Many of those organizations then featured Comfort and Joy on their websites, too. If you Google "comfort and joy nicholas cobb" you will see all the websites that gave us coverage. I am so thankful for that.

    Since starting college at the University of Texas, how have you been able to balance your time between school and your work with Comfort and Joy?

    It's tough, but technology is a great facilitator. I can easily keep up with my website from any location with internet. Projects for this year will be more coat projects, of course, and support for a feeding project through my church.

    What are your hopes for Comfort and Joy in the next few years? How do you see the organization growing?

    My hope for Comfort and Joy is to establish national chapters... I want to have chapters all over the country so other young people can experience the joys of giving back to their communities.

    What has been one of the most fulfilling moments you've experienced since starting your organization?

    One of the most fulfilling moments was when a woman at one of the shelters I volunteered at told me in tears that she was so moved that when she was back up on her feet that she wanted to do something to help other people too. It was a good feeling to feel like you inspired someone to sort of pay it forward. On a personal note, because of my civic involvement, I was chosen by the Boy Scouts of America to be part of the delegation to present the Boy Scout's "Report to the Nation" culminating in a presentation to The President of the United States of America in the oval office. That was just an unparalleled honor that I will never be able to forget.

    To learn more about Nicholas, check out the clip below!

  • HALO Awards Performers Nick Jonas, Meghan Trainor + Echosmith on TeenNick Top 10 This Friday!

    Posted on 11/27/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    TeenNick Top 10

    This week on TeenNick Top 10, it's all about Helping And Leading Others. The 2014 HALO Awards are coming to Nickelodeon this Sunday, November 30th to honor kids who are out their doing good in their communities. And guess what? The hour-long concert special will feature some MAJOR musical acts who just happen to be stopping by TeenNick Top 10 this week! Maybe you've heard of them...

    TeenNick Top 10

    Don't be jealous...

    We're not looking for any treble...

    We just want you watch Nick Cannon emcee a master playlist of music videos and catch up with three of this year's HALO Awards performers: Nick Jonas, Meghan Trainor and Echosmith!

    And don't forget to vote for our two brand-new categories, The Heater and Fan Favorite! If you've got a favorite video or artist, show us your superstar fandom.

    It all goes down Friday at 10pm ET! And don't forget to watch the 2014 HALO Awards concert on Sunday, November 30th at 7pm ET!

    TeenNick Top 10