SLiDE: Meet Ed.

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 by Lisa

"Guys, can we just do this without all the sarcastic bickering and sexual tension?" - Ed Newman, SLiDE.

What's Ed's deal? He's sort of the center of this odd group of friends, but somehow, he's still not all that popular. Here's how Ed acts when he's around a girl he likes:

For more about Ed, check out his character page, or read about Ben Schumann, the actor who plays him.

Ed from SLiDE
Ed seems kind of silly. I bet we'd get along.

Ed from SLiDE
Hangin' out in a pile of balls.

Episode 1 of SLiDe airs on TeenNick tonight, but you can also watch it online now. Episode 2 airs Friday night at 10:30pm et!