SLiDE: Meet Scarlett

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 by Lisa

"Your first time sleeping with someone, it's not meant to be sexy. It's just meant to be... done." - Scarlett Carlyle, SLiDE.

What's Scarlett all about? Well, she just moved in with her dad. Here's a peek at how that's going:

For more about Scarlett, check out her character page, or read about Emily Iris Robins, the actress who plays her.

Scarlett from SLiDE
I have a feeling Scarlett spends more money on her clothes than I do.

Scarlett from SLiDE
Ooh, I like those fingernails, Scarlett!

Episode 1 of SLiDe airs on TeenNick tonight, but you can also watch it online now. Episode 2 airs Friday night at 10:30pm et!