SLiDE: Meet Tammy.

Posted on Aug 14, 2012 by Lisa

"You hold onto that. And your tragic notion of masculinity." - Tammy Lane, SLiDE.

What's Tammy like? Well, here's a peek at how she acts at an important job interview:

Oh, Tammy. I get JUST as awkward and babbly when I'm nervous. *Sigh* For more about Tammy, check out her character page, or read about Gracie Gilbert, the actress who plays her.

Tammy from SLiDE
I have this theory that everyone looks better when they're NOT wearing a visor.

Tammy from SLiDE
I wonder if her curls are sproingy. I bet they are.

Tammy's pretty funny in the first episode of SLiDE. If you haven't seen it yet, watch Episode 1 online now -- and watch Episode 2 Friday night at 10:30pm et on TeenNick!