Watch the first scene of SLiDE!

Posted on Aug 07, 2012 by Lisa

SLiDE is coming to TeenNick on 8/16 (right after Degrassi), but the first episode premieres online this Thursday! Watch the opening scene right here:

I won't compare this show to Degrassi, because I feel like Degrassi is in a league of its own, but I will say: I like SLiDE a lot. It's about a group of friends trying to squish as much awesomeness as possible into their last year of high school.

I saw the first episode early (one of the perks of working for TeenNick) and it won me over right away. I love that the episode starts with everyone getting busted. Seeing how people react under pressure -- before we even know what they did wrong -- reveals so much about their personalities.

Here's a closer look at those mug shots:
SLiDE: Eva's mugshot
Eva's hair is pink hair like mine, so I liked her right away. :)

SLiDE: Luke's mugshot
I already like Luke from SLiDE more than I like Luke from Degrassi.

SLiDE: Tammy's mugshot
In this picture, doesn't Tammy look like she stepped out of an '80s movie?

SLiDE: Scarlett's mugshot
Who fixes their hair before a mug shot? This girl, Scarlett.

SLiDE: Ed's mugshot
And lastly, the guy I just want to hug: Ed.

Anybody else out there psyched for SLiDE?