SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episodes 1 and 2

Posted on Aug 21, 2012 by Lisa

So, SLiDE is pretty good, right? If you haven't seen the show yet, watch Episodes 1 and 2 before you read any further.

The SLiDE gang

I like how the first episode starts with everyone in trouble, because even though we KNOW how the night's going to end, I really wanted to know how they all got there.

I felt kind of bad for Ed from the start, because I think birthdays often come with expectations. It's like, it's OK if a normal day kind of sucks, but nobody wants their birthday to suck.

When Ed put the hair dye down his pants, I was like "Noooooooooooooo!" That was the most disturbing part of episode one in my opinion (though the scene where he pours milk down his pants to counteract the hairdye chemicals was a close second.)

As I discussed in my last Degrassi post, I'm not a fan of surprise parties, and this is yet another reason why. Ed had plans for an amazing birthday night, and thanks to his parents' lame surprise party, he missed out on the party Scarlett threw for him. I think between Clare's party on Degrassi, and Ed's party on SLiDE, TeenNick is making a point that surprise parties end in fights or misery, so DON'T THROW THEM. Haha.

Happy birthday, Ed!

It was too bad that Scarlett threw Ed the party of his dreams and he missed out on the whole thing, but I'm glad he ended up having a memorable night anyway. Dancing in sprinklers at night with friends is the kind of thing he'll remember forever. (I'm sure he'll remember getting busted, too, but at least he had a little fun first.)

Cleaning the pool.

Episode 2

My favorite quote from this episode is Tammy's line "I just caught them having hugs of the pants-down variety," after she walked in on Luke and Tammy messing around.

I get that Scarlett's dad wants everyone to clean the hotel after the party, but why-why-why would he let someone who's only had his driver's license for a day drive his limo? Even if Ed does "drive like a grandma," that's just a bad idea.

If I found a phone somewhere, the *only* thing I would use it for would be to find the owner and give it back. But I guess that wouldn't make for very good TV. Spending the day extorting money from strangers so Scarlett can repay her dad? That's much more adventurous than returning the phone right away. Isn't it fun watching TV characters make bad choices? :)

That little scene with the clown totally creeped me out. I'm just as freaked out by clowns as Ed is. I think Ed and I would totally be friends.

Luke and Tammy.

I thought the scenes between Luke and Tammy were really cute and romantic. I like Luke better with Tammy than with Scarlett.

OK, I know all sorts of crazy stuff happened between Grace and Ed (I'm just glad he made it out of her apartment in one piece) but I need to jump ahead and talk about that last scene. When I saw it, I was like "Whoa, Phillipa!!! WHAT are you doing?!!" One second she's hanging out with Ed in his backyard shed, and the next second, she's on top of him. I get that Ed really wanted to lose his virginity -- and apparently Phillipa did, too -- but IN A SHED? With a girl who seems to get on his nerves? And did she seriously record the whole thing on her phone?!! This show just gets crazier and crazier.

What do you think of SLiDE so far?
My overall comments: I love that each episode takes place in one day. I like all five of the main characters, and I like that they're each flawed in different ways, because that makes them feel more real. My favorite character so far is Ed, because he's so awkward, and because we both hate clowns.

Tell me what you think in the comments! And don't miss Episode 3, Friday at 10:30pm et on TeenNick.