SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 10

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 by Lisa

SLiDE is over! Did you watch the last episode? (If not, watch it here.) Let's discuss!

I've got some stuff to say about this episode, and I want to hear your thoughts, too. Post them in the comments.

So. First up. I'm curious about the wild-party-craziness that happened between episodes 9 and 10. How did Ed end up waking up on the beach alone? (If anybody out there writes SLiDE fan-fiction, I politely request a story about that night!)

Party friends

I thought it felt very realistic when Tammy and Scarlett went into the VIP section and realized it was empty and pretty lame. I feel like the letters "VIP" give a place a special, off-limits kind of feel, but rarely live up to those expectations. I think the best moments at rock shows happen in the general admission area. (Also: It was SO GROSS when Luke and Eva got puked on by a VIP stranger.)

The morning after

When Ed and Luke realize that Tammy slept with both of them in the same night... SO AWKWARD. If I had time, I'd make a little chart of which of these five friends have hooked up with each other -- and it'd be a pretty complex chart!

The SLiDE gang

I'm not sure if a second season of SLiDE will ever get made, but I loved that when Dylan said he was moving away for a job, Luke mentioned needing housemates. These five, living in that house together? That'd be pretty crazy.