SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 3

Posted on Aug 29, 2012 by Lisa

Let's talk about Episode 3 of SLiDE! (Watch it here if you haven't seen it. Spoilers below!)

Eva makes street art.

In this episode... Tammy and Ed spent some time alone in the dark. Eva met a guy (who's a LOT older). Luke and Scarlett bonded while babysitting.

Random thoughts about Episode 3, in no particular order:

1. Tammy's mom kills me!! I loved almost every word out of her mouth (though I'm sure I'd have died of misery and embarrassment if she were my mom and saying these things, especially if she said them in front of Luke). "There's condoms in the top drawer... and they're flavored, I think." Anybody out there have a mom who talks that openly about sex stuff? Is it cool or incredibly awkward?

Tammy is desperate for a connection.

2. The scene where you see Tammy trying to get a wifi signal on her laptop, and the screen shows us the signal level. I know that feeling SO WELL. I've balanced my laptop on many windowsills, but the fridge door thing? That seemed a little risky.

Ed's cute, right?

3. I love that Tammy has such good friends that when she mass-texted about her desperate need for a babysitter, ALL of her best friends showed up. Willingness to babysit at a moment's notice? That's true friendship.

He's nice, smart... and WAY too old!!

4. Although I think Ash is WAY WAY WAY too old for Eva (he's got to be in his 40's and she's in high school!!), I really liked when he asked her if it was an "encore situation," and then explained what he meant. That was very cute, in a way that made me wish he wasn't WAY too old for her -- not to mention married. Sigh.

5. I sort of wish Eva could sneak me into an art museum at night. That sounds like a lot of fun.

6. I really liked the band name Last Dinosaurs, so I googled them, and what do you know? They're a real band. I thought they might just be a fictional band created for the show.)

7. I loved that Tammy's little brother likes wearing dresses.

8. I love the friendship between Tammy and Eva. It made me happy that Tammy left the rock show to check on Eva, and it made me even happier that Eva forced her to go back inside so she could write a good article about the show. YAY FRIENDSHIP!

Who'd win in a fight? Tammy, of course.

What were your favorite moments from this episode? Don't miss Episode 4, Friday at 10:30pm et on TeenNick!