SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 4

Posted on Sep 02, 2012 by Lisa

Things got wiiiild on SLiDE this week. Let's talk about Episode 4!(Haven't seen it? Watch it here.)

Tammy and Ed at work.
Tammy in a visor, Ed in a banana costume.

I feel like so much happened in this episode! I'm glad Ed walked away from the job where he had to dress as a banana, even if he looked pretty cute in that costume. (I just had a flashback to Tori and Zig talking about how bad the mascot costumed smelled on Degrassi. Yuck.)

Luke at work.
Luke can rock a bowtie.

Catering seems like a lot more fun, especially when it involves hanging out in a mansion. The party didn't seem like fun for Ed's dad, though. His storyline made me sad, despite his big win at cards. :(

Speaking of dads, can you believe how Scarlett messed with her dad's head with that whole "Gisele" thing? Do you think he deserved it? It was pretty lame of him to tell such a huge lie in his online dating profile. I wonder if his relationship with Scarlett will ever get better. Maybe... if they stop lying to each other.

Eva at work
I want that blue bunny-lamb thing on the right.

On a happier note, it was neat to see the thrift store where Eva works, and I loved this bit of conversation:
Scarlett: "This is where clothes come to die. It's like a sad fashion graveyard."
Eva: "No, it's where fashion comes to be reborn and recycled."
(I'm with Eva! I love thrift stores. )

Rob and Ed
Rob and Ed? Their couple name could be Red.

Ed continues to be my favorite character on SLiDE. He had so many great awkward moments in this episode! From that unforgettable coat closet scene, to pretending to be "Louise" to get into the club, to the moment where he grabs his boss and kisses him... his life just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and I LOVE IT.

Luke and Tammy
Luke and Tammy.

Tammy and Luke seem like they're finally getting together. No surprise there, but this episode was full of unexpected hook-ups: Scarlett and the girl in the club, Ed and his boss, Ed and Eva...

RANDOM QUESTION: In this episode, Ed was attracted to at least five people. Which one of them do you think he'd make the best couple with?
*Rob (his boss at the party)
*The naked lady statue

Pick one and tell me why you picked that person in the comments! (Also, if you feel like it, tell me what you liked best about this episode.)