SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 5

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 by Lisa

On the latest SLiDe, the gang steal a statue and stir up all sorts of trouble. Watch it here if you haven't seen it.

Here are my favorite moments (and a few random thoughts) from Episode 5. Share yours in the comments.

Luke, Tammy, and little fluffy clouds.
I love this picture of Luke and Tammy.

Luke and Tammy seem so good together, despite their different attitudes about dating. Tammy wants "an understanding of the person I'm spending time with," but Luke cares more about the hooking up. I loved the scene where Luke tried to act sensitive to impress Tammy, and she saw right through it. My favorite moment from this episode was probably when she took pictures of his sulky face with her phone. Affectionate teasing is the cutest! :)

Ed, Eva, and Scarlett
I'm glad they went with Eva to meet her brother.

I am SO glad Eva had friends with her when she went to meet her brother for the first time. That sounds nervewracking. Luke's family situation seems stressful, too. We've seen Tammy, Scarlett, and Ed's families in previous episodes... maybe lots of family drama is something these characters all have in common? (Or maybe it's something EVERYBODY has in common? Does anyone in the world have a "normal" family? Sometimes I doubt it.)

Scarlett in the pool
Yay for swimming in undies!

As someone who loves swimming, I would be shocked if one of my friends had a pool and never bothered to mention it. I totally understood everyone's need to rip off their clothes and jump in Luke's pool right away.

The gang looks for Ed's shoe.
The gang looks for Ed's shoe.

I thought the funniest part of this episode was when Ed confessed his attraction to the lady voice in his dad's GPS system... and then later, his father asked "Have you seen the GPS? It's missing from the car." OH, ED. I totally ship Ed and the GPS, though. Maybe they'll fall in love and have babies with a really good sense of direction. Haha.

Tom the Fireman
Tom the Fireman, lookin' stylish.

Stealing the statue seemed easy compared to how hard they had to work (and how sneaky they had to be) to give it back. Sometimes life is weird like that.

What did you like best about this episode?