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  • '90s Are All That: Our Favorite 'Doug' Moments!

    Posted on 01/16/2014 by Rachel1016


    Do we have any Doug fans in the house?!

    It's been more than two decades since our favorite ten-haired cartoon boy moved to Bluffington, began dutifully writing about adventures with his multicolored friends, and won the hearts of many kids who, like him, were just trying to make it through the day.

    In honor of this classic Nick show, we gathered a few of our favorite moments (in no particular order) to share with all of you, the '90s-loving inter webbery. But whether you're reliving childhood memz or hearing the name "Quailman" for the first time, we're pretty sure you're gonna love taking a look back at the sometimes shy, always caring, and awesomely normal Doug Funnie.

    You remember it well, because it was so obnoxious. Roger tortured Doug every day at school, and that maniacal cackle will haunt our dreams. Forever.

    All together now: AWWWW!!!! Remember Doug and Patti's almost kind of first date? Well, Patti never really made it clear whether it was a real date. She asked Doug out, paid for her own movie ticket (even though Doug tried to buy it for her), and then came so close to kissing Doug, only to shut the door in his face!

    Of COURSE the first episode makes our list! We learned a lot from this episode, including just how imaginative Doug is, how mean Roger can be, and how Skeeter is actually short for Mosquito (a "family name")! But perhaps most importantly, we see the budding relationship between Doug and Patti begin.

    Doing what siblings do best, Doug ignores Judy's request to have him dress up and pretend to be a butler. Instead, he plays out a weird super agent fantasy game where he receives emergency calls on a sponge, dons a creepy thin mustache, and entices us all to leap onto (possibly explosive) lasagna!

    Although Doug might pretend he's brave and heroic, � la Quailman, his superhero agent alter ego, here he does something awesome and courageous in real (well, cartoon) life. After being dared by Roger to humiliate Connie's new haircut, Doug refuses to do it and stands up to him. Patti kisses him for being so sweet and Roger gets punched in the gut by Connie! Note to boys: don't ever mess with a girl's bad haircut!

    We pick this moment for a few reasons: 1) Because of the sweet song Doug writes for Patti 2) Because nobody in the town of Bluffington knows how to carry a tune (but we won't hold it against them) and 3) Because Doug's imagined music video just screams quintessential '90s style!

    Roger teased Doug about his old basketball sneakers and convinced him that they were throwing off his game. But when a famous basketball player from one of Doug's daydreams gave him a little encouragement, he realized that his old sneakers have a lot of character.

    It's the end of an era as Doug graduates from the 6th grade, and we're suckers for bittersweet endings. Goodbye, elementary school, and goodbye, freaky boiler room guy! Sidenote: Why is the boiler room guy's shirt off? What happened to his eye? Also, what kind of school is heated by manually fueled coal furnaces?

    Almost twenty years ago, Doug wrote a song about bangin' on a trashcan and thinking big. We haven't been able to get the diddy out of our heads ever since, and we're all about spreading the earworm!

    Doug was once a magician for a hot second, but his handcuffing trick completely failed with Patti (...or did he fail?! You sly dog, Doug). After dropping the key into a vent, Doug had the brilliant idea of unlocking the handcuffs with suntan lotion. It didn't prove to be the most effective method, but, hey, at least he moisturized!

    What are some of your favorite Doug memories? Share them with us in the comments!

  • '90s Are All That: Get Ready For Some Rare '90s Favorites!

    Posted on 12/30/2013 by Dixie Laite

    Do you sometimes think the world is an uncaring, mean place where evil forces beyond your control are out to destroy you and sap from you every ounce of joy and self-esteem? Well, sometimes that's true (I'm looking at you, high school), but the world is also a delightful place where you get just what you need when you need it, and you get what you ask for -- well, not too long after you asked for it!

    For example, here at TeenNick we listened when the fans said they wanted to see some of their rarely-shown Nick childhood favorites on the '90s Are All That block. We're talking shows like Salute Your Shorts, The Secret World of Alex Mack and Rocket Power!

    For the next two weeks, every night at 1:30am ET, TeenNick is showing the rarely-aired series and episodes you asked for so you can stay up late and revel (or, let's face it, wallow) in childhood nostalgia. Get ready to wipe away the tears while watching:

    The Secret World of Alex Mack
    My Brother And Me
    Aaahh Real Monsters
    Hey Dude
    Salute Your Shorts
    Rocket Power

    You're welcome, guys. You are welcome.

  • Mixtape Monday: '90s Nick Holiday

    Posted on 12/04/2013 by Dixie Laite

    Well, the holidays are here, and while we'd like to be all comfort and joy-ish and nothing you dismay-y about it, there IS a little something we dismay. In fact, it's dismaying us a LOT.

    Gift-giving is kind of…a pain. What do we get the person who has everything? And even more importantly, what do you give when you're super broke? Or super cheap.

    Problem sooooo solved! Get that special (or not-so-special) someone on your list an on-air shout-out! (And did we mention it's free?) Mixtape Monday is back, and now's your chance to give '90s Nick fans a chance to hear their names on TV when you dedicate a favorite '90s Nick clip in their honor.

    It's easy � just check out the featured episodes below. Tweet us a Vine or InstaVid of you showing your love for or dedicating a particular '90s fave, include #Nick90sParty, and watch for it on-air! Our last installment of Mixtape Monday featured some awesome vids; check them out here for inspiration!

    Just pick one of the clips below and tweet us your Vine or Instavid showing your love for your friend/ex/frenemy/cousin/sibling using #90sNickHoliday. We'll be airing these sweet and generous (and did we mention free?) video dedications on TeenNick's special holiday Mixtape Monday, December 16th, between midnight and 4am ET!

    Rugrats: "A Rugrats Kwanzaa"

    CatDog: "A Very Merry CatDog Christmas"

    Rocko's Modern Life: "Rocko's Modern Christmas"

    Hey Arnold: 020 Arnold's Christmas

  • Mixtape Monday: Have You Dedicated Your Favorite '90s Show Yet?!

    Posted on 11/22/2013 by Rachel1016

    Calling all '90s Nick fans! Have you dedicated your favorite #90sNickParty episode yet?!

    Two weeks ago, we announced that the '90s Are All That is bringing back the magic of mixtapes with a Mixtape Monday, and we're kicking off the holiday season this Monday, November 25th, with '90s Nick episodes featuring the dopest '90s parties! We're giving YOU the chance to dedicate your favorite '90s Nick party episodes to that special someone all VJ-style. And you better make it good, because your shout-outs could appear on air!

    It's easy � just check out the featured episodes here. Tweet us a Vine or InstaVid of you showing your love for or dedicating a particular '90s fave, include #Nick90sParty, and watch for it on-air!

    Check out some of the stellar Vines we've gotten so far:

    Doug: "Doug Throws A Party"

    Clarissa Explains It All: "Alter Ego"

  • '90s Are All That Presents: Mixtape Monday!

    Posted on 11/08/2013 by Dixie Laite

    Remember mixtapes? Those desperate little vessels of hope you'd give to those special someones, hoping your song compilation would make it clear just how much you loved them, and more to the point, how much they should love you? Perhaps you'd throw in a couple of songs you really didn't like all that much so you'd look cool. Or maybe you were on the receiving end of a mixtape, trying desperately to parse the meaning behind every song title, lyric and extended mandolin solo. (What did he mean by "you"? Does the Proclaimers' 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' mean he'll literally walk 500 miles for me or am I reading too much into it?")

    Well, the 90s Are All That is bringing all that magical mixedness back this November 25th with a Mixtape Monday!

    Every good mixtape has a theme, and so we're kicking off the holiday season '90s Nick episodes featuring parties! And of course, the raison d'etre (look it up) of a mixtape is that it's dedicated to someone or something, so we're giving you the chance to dedicate '90s Nick episodes on-air. That's right, finally, here's your chance to fulfill that dream of being a VJ on TV!

    It's easy � just check out the featured episodes below. Tweet us a Vine or InstaVid of you showing your love for or dedicating a particular '90s fave, include #Nick90sParty, and watch for it on-air!

    So what're you waiting for, a Spice Girls reunion? Check out the videos now and get to VJing!

    Hey Arnold: "Cool Party"

    Rugrats: "A Very McNulty Birthday"

    CatDog: "Party Animal"

    Doug: "Doug Throws A Party"

    Kenan and Kel: "Duh Bomb"

    Clarissa Explains It All: "Alter Ego"

  • 10 Back To School Tips From Clarissa Darling

    Posted on 08/15/2013 by Rachel1016

    Clarissa Darling has the answers to all of life's hard-pressed questions. And with the beginning of the school year fast approaching, her wisdom will make your transition from the beach to the books a little bit easier. In honor of TeenNick's Snickiversary this Saturday, August 17th, when Clarissa returns to TV for ONE special night, we thought it only appropriate to seek out back-to-school tips from the girl who can, indeed, explain it all!

    1.  Be daring with your outfit choices. Hallway? More like runway.

    2.  If you see your crush walking toward you, remain calm.

    3.  Every school has haters, but you know who your real friends are!

    4.  Dental hygiene is never a bad idea. Especially when it's egg roll day.

    5.  When homework starts to pile on, figure out what motivates you.

    6.  But don't forget to take a study break every once in a while! Exercise is the key to a healthy brain.

    7.  And sometimes, "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" is a valid test taking strategy. 

    8.  When the bus comes late for the 23487th time, remember that patience is a virtue. 

    9.  Plus, let's be real, you might be getting a little bored of summer.

    10.  A new school year can be nerve racking. But at the end of the day, it's all good!

  • 90s MeMeorial Week Challenge!

    Posted on 05/10/2013 by TeenNick
    Meme-orial Week is Coming to TeenNick�
    And that means, '90s Nick Memes-online, on-air, and in your face! It's going to be insane in the meme-brane!

    Think you got what it takes to make a meme? Check out our examples and try to out-funny us. Keep it clean and we might make your caption into a meme to show on TV. Just comment on the memes below or on Facebook, and then tune in to TeenNick beginning 5/20 @ midnight to see if your meme made the cut.

    And don't worry, if your meme goes viral (ahem #90sMEMEorial), you'll get credit for your creative genius! Your first name and last initial or username may appear on-air if your meme is broadcast.

    "Why didn't you reply to my text?...I sent it 15 seconds ago."
    Click here to caption.

    Condescending Kenan
    Oh, you grew up in the 90s...Please tell me
    how much better TV was back then.
    click here to caption

    Sleepy Baby
    "You're naming him 'Dil'?...I'm Done."
    Click here to Caption

    Hey, Arnold
    "Hey, Arnold. Love hurts, and I just hurt you so much!"
    Click here to caption

    Grumpy CatDog
    "Oh, you have a Hangnail...I'm attached"
    Click here to caption

  • This One's for Chris Kelly.

    Posted on 05/02/2013 by Lisa

    Chris Kelly, a member of the '90s rap duo Kris Kross, has passed away. At Nickelodeon, he'll always be remembered for "The Rugrats Rap," so we're posting it today in tribute.

  • It's the ShizNick!

    Posted on 05/02/2013 by Lisa

    If you grew up watching Nickelodeon, there's probably a special place in your heart for Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and random buckets of slime. You're not alone. A bunch of professional artists feel the same way.

    The current exhibit at iam8bit, an art gallery in Los Angeles, features pieces inspired by classic Nickelodeon shows (like the stuff we show on The '90s Are All That).

    Here's a peek:

    I love Nickelodeon and art, so I visited iam8bit last week to check out "It's the ShizNick!" They've got two big rooms full of Nick-themed art, and the back room includes human-sized lockers where you can pose for pictures -- perfect for anyone who felt jealous of the kids from You Can't Do That on Television. Poking your head out of a locker to crack a joke is just as much fun as you imagined.

    If you're in LA, check out iam8bit this week to see It's the Shiznick. (The exhibit closes May 5th.) If you can't make it in person, view the art on the iam8bit website!

  • SUNDAY NIGHT: Don't Miss the Lost Rocko Episode!

    Posted on 03/31/2013 by saidbyjohn

    UPDATE: If you missed it, watch it online:!

    If you're ready to have your mind blown, cancel any late Sunday night plans and make sure you're tuned in to TeenNick at midnight et. We've shown Rocko episodes on '90s Are All That before, but this is the first time the lost episode of Rocko's Modern Life will ever air on TV! I've already cancelled the three dates I had scheduled for that night and called dibs on the living room flat screen -- I'm telling you, this is EPIC!!!

    Not only was I born in the 90s, making me part of the upper echelons of cool, but I was raised on Rocko's Modern Life -- literally! My childhood consisted of cereal, forced vegetables, and a daily dose of Rocko. You think your life is complete and then BAM, you find out there's been an entire episode that's been kept in the vault for over ten years...

    I don't know who could possibly not be a fan, but if you aren't, you will be after this episode. I'm 100% sure of that, and I don't even know what it's about. All I know is that I'm preparing myself to have my face blown off my face--- IT'S THAT SERIOUS.

    Don't miss the never-before-seen Rocko's Modern Life, tonight at midnight et on TeenNick!