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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Young Forever'

    Posted on 08/23/2013 by Rachel1016

    Summer at Degrassi came and went with lightning speed, and it's hard to believe that another chapter has come to a close! Last night, we ended the season with both heavy and hopeful hearts as the kids of Degrassi mourned the loss of dear Adam, but leaned on each other to begin healing. If you missed the summer finale, check it out online before we spoil it for you! 

    We knew it was going to be difficult to watch Drew cope with the loss of his brother this episode, but no one could have quite predicted what a toll it would take. It makes sense that he looked for something, someone, to blame for Adam's death. Sometimes laying blame shifts the burden of trying to rationalize the unthinkable, and it became pretty clear that he was doing just this when he accused Becky of causing Adam's death. In fact, it came to light that Drew felt guilty himself. 

    For the better part of the episode, he couldn't open himself up to the love and support of Bianca and Dallas, and it seemed as though he was going to spiral into darkest part of his own devastation. By the end, though, how triumphant did you feel when he joined the gang in celebrating Adam's life? 

    When he walked through woods and showed up at the bonfire memorial service, my spirit soared. He promised Adam, "To me you'll never be gone. You'll always be right here."

    As much as we might be inclined to remember Becky and Adam's relationship issues as directly related to Adam's death, I really felt for Becky when she struggled this episode. Shouldering an immense amount of guilt and simultaneously trying to come to terms with losing her boyfriend, Becky decided to organize a bonfire in memory of Adam. With the help of Jenna, Alli, and Connor, she decorated a beautiful space in the middle of a field for all of their friends to gather. 

    And even though she feared that she had alienated herself from Adam's friends and loved ones, the gang came out with hearts full of love for the most beautifully moving tribute. 

    There was even a moment of reconciliation between Becky and Drew. Drew said, "I think Adam would be pretty mad at the way I treated the girl he loved." They both came to terms with the fact that Adam's death was no one's fault, and realized that their next move was to make it mean something. Carry on his legacy. Aw! *Single tear* 

    Finally, one undeniable highlight of this summer finale was finding out that Clare's cancer is officially in remission! Over the course of this chapter, we've closely followed her hard-fought battle with cancer, and to find out that she's just about in the clear could not have been a better way to end the season. One of my favorite moments this episode really highlighted the overall theme: Claire said, "Now I just need to make the most of my life." It's time to look forward. We are Degrassi, indeed!

    Oh, P.S., did anyone else catch Alli and Dallas chatting it up? Hmm... fall chapter, here we come! 

    What did you all think of the summer finale? Sound off in the comments! 

  • Degrassi Tackles Texting And Driving

    Posted on 08/19/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last week on Degrassi, we were shaken by the passing of one of the show's most unique and beloved characters, Adam Torres.

    Although Adam's death may have come as a shock to all of us, his passing can also serve to teach a valuable lesson about texting while driving. In a world where we're in constant communication with one another, anxious to send or receive messages, it's easy to lose sight of how our behavior can become irrational. We think, "My phone is right there. One quick text will only take a second." We've seamlessly integrated checking our phones into almost every aspect of our life; it's undeniably easy to divert our attention for a moment. But in reality, as Adam's story illustrates, a moment is all it takes to turn your world upside down.

    Legendary filmmaker, Werner Herzog, tackles the issue of texting and driving with haunting real-life honesty. His film, "From One Second To The Next" features four heart-wrenching stories of texting and driving accidents told by victims, victims' families, and the perpetrators themselves. Watch the documentary here, and in Adam's memory, take the pledge to not text and drive.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Honey'

    Posted on 08/16/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last night's episode of Degrassi was one of the most heart-wrenching we've seen in a while. Sometimes words fail to describe the harsh realities we face, but that is why Degrassi is so good at hitting us—even if painfully—right in the feels. If you haven't seen the full episode yet, watch it online, because there are big spoilers below.

    For the better part of this episode, it seemed like Alli and Leo were falling deeper in love. Alli dreaded the fact that she'd soon have to leave Leo, but he surprised her (and all of us) with a decision to move to Toronto. Even though it probably should have already been obvious to Alli, Jenna called her out for moving a little too fast. I'm so glad she spoke up too, because we all know Alli's judgment when it comes to boys could use a little judging of its own.

    Then, as if to confirm our doubts, Leo saw a text from Dallas in Alli's phone (remember, Dallas has been trying to contact Alli the entire trip), and his jealousy turned physical. When he grabbed her arm, it felt out of character for sweet Leo, but perhaps this was a sign that he was too good to be true after all. Alli departed Paris broken-up and brokenhearted, but the question remains...will Leo follow her to Toronto?

    Tristan and Maya, with plans to dress to the nines for their fancy dinner, jokingly attempted a classic Parisian "shopping montage." In between posing with fedoras and berets, Tristan decided to put aside his feelings for Miles and encourage Maya to pursue hers. Major BFF points for Tristan.

    When they arrived at dinner, Maya stunned in a killer green body-con dress and just about lassoed Miles' attention. Really, it was a look so fierce that it prompted a stone-cold death stare from Zoe, and without so much as a second passing by, she "accidentally" spilled red juice on Maya's dress. Man, this girl is something else! After officially confirming to everyone that she is indeed the Ice Queen, Miles broke up with her. But lest we get too excited, he then immediately said, "Watch your back Maya, because Zoe has a crazy idea that I'm into you." What? Is Miles for real? Come onnnn, we're right back where we started.

    Tragedy can feel boundless when it hits us abruptly. It's hard to say if anything could have prepared us for what was to happen to Adam, but his passing has certainly changed Degrassi forever. It was especially difficult because there was a sense of optimism throughout the episode: "Get well" cards from campers, confidence in his doctors, and no major complications with Adam's status as a transgender had us hopeful that he might be healed. But in the final moments of the episode, when Mr. and Mrs. Torres walked into the hospital room with looks of unmistakable devastation, it became clear that we lost him.

    A beloved friend, boyfriend, brother, and son, we have to remember Adam's story as one of courage. Perhaps "shock-mode" is the only way to describe how we are all feeling right now, but celebrate we will the short, beautiful life of Adam Torres.

    How are all of you Degrassi fans dealing with the events of this week's episode? Please let us know in the comments.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Cannonball'

    Posted on 08/09/2013 by Rachel1016

    Loyal Degrassians, did you tune in to last night's all new episode? "Cannonball" overflowed with OMG moments and, by the end, the drama came to a screeching halt. Literally. If you missed out last night, watch the full episode online because, yep, you guessed it, we've got spoilers below!

    Maya was really worried that Tristan wandered off into Paris alone after their falling out, so she enlisted Winston to help her find him. Miles looked pretty bummed, though, when Maya brisked right by him. I think maybe, just maybe, he actually wanted to help her (read: he definitely did). Winston didn't turn out to be much help, and he couldn't deal with Maya's "girl tears," so Maya eventually decided she needed Miles' expertise. And with his help, she found Tristan in no time. I think Miles scored a few points this episode with this act of kindness, and dare I say there was a total Mayales moment under the umbrella? I saw it. You saw it. We all saw it. Finally, Maya and Tristan made up and, for the 23127836182736th time, vowed to not let a boy come between their friendship. But it remains to be seen what will happen between Maya and Miles! Bets, anyone?

    Recently single and still getting over her relationship-ending conversation with Connor, Jenna was looking for a girls' night with her pal, Alli. But Alli didn't want to cancel her plans with Leo, and tried to turn her quality time with Jenna into a double date with Leo's very, very available friend. After a few too many attempts by the flirty stranger to hand feed Jenna, she got up and left. *Sigh* It seems like Alli's always getting herself into situations like this, where she goes against her better judgment, upsets a friend, and has to troubleshoot her way out of it. But alas, troubleshoot she did and she got Connor and Jenna to sit down and work out their issues. Thankfully, they were able to have a mature conversation about sex and then make out. I mean make up. They made up. And then they made out.

    On the flipside, Becky and Adam are not doing well. Becky returned the apology roses that Adam sent her and cut them up, leaving nothing but pieces of stems and petals. Dallas suggested that Adam rebound with Imogen, and even though Adam initially resisted, he somehow found himself in the back of a van with shirtless Imogen, who challenged him to a, well, tongue wrestling match. (WHY, Adam, WHY?????) Devastated about his less-than-stellar choices, Adam rushed out of the campground to reconcile with Becky. And in a flurry to get in touch with her, he started texting while driving...which triggered the moment that might shatter the world of Degrassi forever. Crash.

    What did you all think of this episode? We're still recovering from that ending! The stakes are high for next week, so hold tight and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'About A Girl'

    Posted on 08/02/2013 by Rachel1016

    It's hard to believe that with every new episode of Degrassi we inch closer and closer to the summer's end. The summer season, both on-screen and in our real life (as much as we'd like to consider Degrassi real life), is moving with breakneck speed, but the excitement and tension continues to stack like an NFL pileup!

    As always, if you haven't seen the new episode, watch it here,because we'll spoil you worse than Vernon and Petunia!

    Adam and Becky's jealousy issues emerged in the season premiere, but this week it all came to a head when Adam, after seeing a few pictures of Becky and shirtless-Bible-study-chauffeur Todd, started to suspect the worst. Sure, it's dangerously easy to misinterpret a photo on the Internet, but there is nary a state of jealousy in which it is OK to hack into someone's account, pose as them, and write a kiss-off message to an individual who didn't technically do anything wrong. Right? Oh man, Adam, what were you thinking? Your plan completely skirted the real issue and boasted a 100% probability of getting back to Becky. I mean, far be it from us to suggest that Becky was in the right by posting those semi-suggestive photos with Todd, but we sure hope you can bounce back from this one.

    We've been waiting for a few weeks now to see where Alli and Leo's relationship will go. This episode, Alli started to suspect her feelings for Leo were moving too fast, and she took extra precautions to ensure she wouldn't go too far. Enter: date crashers, Jenna and Connor, who were enlisted to keep the, erm, desire to a minimum. Generally confused by the surprise guests, Leo unknowingly started to talk about intimacy, and Connor said something about being repulsed by sex. An awkward moment ensued, and it seemed as though Asperger's got the best of Connor's good intentions. Thankfully, though, all ended well for Alli and Leo as they whispered sweet nothings in French and shared a pinky swear, the ultimate romantic vow.

    It's no secret that half of this episode showed Miles and Zoe lockin' lips, but in what universe is it acceptable to be making out in a classroom? I know everyone is a little more affectionate in Europe, but puh-lease! The Miles/Zoe incessant make-out session started to really upset Tristan, and when Maya tried to speak up for him, she in turn embarrassed and really upset him. Maya seemed genuinely remorseful, but her feelings for Miles (and potentially Miles' feelings for her) still seem questionable, as much as Maya may never want to reveal them for Tristan's sake. Her slip of the tongue didn't seem an irreparable infraction against Tristan, but we all know how love can cloud reason. Maybe he just needs time?

    Now it's time to hear from you! What did you all think of last night's episode? The comment section is ready and waiting!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'My Own Worst Enemy'

    Posted on 07/26/2013 by Rachel1016
    It's no secret that Degrassi has a tendency to trigger an emotional avalanche in all of us. Really, it's something we should be used to by now, but don't you think that last night's episode ran the gamut of feels? We saw everything from elation to devastation, and after taking a beat to process, it's time to break it all down. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it online, because you only get one spoiler warning! And that was it!

    Clare's MRI results marked a MONDO triumph this episode. You know, the smiley-face-with-a-single tear kind of triumph  :`) When Clare's mom gave the good news, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted, and it felt like the first time Clare was truly happy the entire season! But remember that time Clare decided to concoct a hospital escape plan with Drew? Yeah, probably won't file that one under "Best Ideas Clare's Ever Had." She deserved that flicker of normalcy, but at the very moment Clare ripped away the medical wiring and stepped out of her hospital gown, she put her health in serious jeopardy. Dare we forget the camper who coughed in her face? Or the fact that she upchucked in the middle of the Degrassi camp obstacle course? She's not in the clear, and I sure hope her momentary lapse doesn't have lasting effects.

    We've seen Alli make questionable decisions because of boys before, and this episode saw her almost repeating the same mistake. After neglecting to visit the Louvre (and instead visiting the Leo), Alli nearly flunked her French presentation. She was lucky enough to have Madame grant her a make-up assignment, but with a planned date getting in the way AGAIN (girl, your timing is impeccable!), she hoped her romantic evening might include an ever-so convenient trip to the museum. Well, Leo thought Alli was taking advantage of him for homework, and Alli realized it was high-time she think about balancing her Parisian adventures with her academic obligations. Lucky for her, though, Leo is some kind of wonderful and they swiftly made up (not least not yet)! Off to the Louvre, for REAL!

    Last episode, Tristan entered the friend zone with Miles. At the time, it wasn't immediately clear (though one could make an educated guess) that Trist was interested in Miles as more than friends. But this episode, not only did Tristan attempt to kiss Miles (who politely did not reciprocate), but he found Zoe playing, er, "sit on Santa's lap" with Miles. And until this moment, it seemed like Tristan really thought he had a shot. It remains to be seen exactly what Miles Hollingsworth III wants, but one thing's for sure, he is in high demand, y'all.

    Alright, it's time for us to sign-off and time for you to sound off! In the comments!
  • Degrassi Extra Credit: The Cast Tells All!

    Posted on 07/25/2013 by Rachel1016

    In an all-new Degrassi Extra Credit, the cast reveals what it's like to work on set, which actors bring the shenanigans, and how much Degrassi means to them! Check out this exclusive video, and don't forget to tune in tonight at 9PM ET for a brand new episode of Degrassi!
  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'All I Wanna Do'

    Posted on 07/19/2013 by Rachel1016

    "Paris, Maya. We are in Paris." This week, the jet-setting half of the gang took on their first day in The City of Light, while the homebound Degrassians visited a cancer-fighting, wig-rocking Clare at the hospital. The kids managed to keep some of the premiere drama at bay, but the plot is nonetheless starting to thicken in every direction! As always, if you haven't seen the episode, watch it here, because we've got spoilers! And let's be real, no one likes a spoiled child.

    Tristan arrived in Paris loaded with his inimitable style and zingy one-liners (my new life motto might be "Find an amazing blazer, and then love"). But despite readying himself to relish in cappuccinos and charcuterie (that's *ahem* French for "cheese plate"), Tristan revealed a major insecurity about Miles finding out he's gay. He even went so far as to enlist Maya into pretending they were dating. But unsurprisingly, he almost gagged when they kissed, and Trist swiftly realized he wasn't fooling a soul.

    But here's what I didn't see coming: Miles approached Tristan about the whole situation, and reassured him that he didn't care. I mean, all previous concert/whiskey/pool hi-jinks aside, can we trust that Miles is being genuine and honest? Also, considering the fact that Tristan made eyes at Miles once (or maybe twice...), could Miles be the "he" to whom Tristan refers in his selfie confessional? Is there potential for Trist to take part in a, well, tryst? What does this mean for the potential Miles/Maya/Zoe love triangle? Am I brain dumping? Oh, Degrassi, you have your work cut out for you!

    Armed with big plans of her own, Alli kicked off her Parisan journey by venturing off into the city solo. Wishing Clare was with her IRL, she toted around an amazing cardboard face kabob of her BFF presumably (obviously) to make sure Clare wasn't missing in any Instagram pictures. Alli quickly found herself doing less touring and more, erm, troubleshooting, though, as the language barrier, a broken heel, and a mugging attempt got the best of her. But then, a cute Parisian boy came to her rescue. Naturally! He saved her phone, he showed her the ways of the city, he fixed her cup of coffee (okay, adding sugar isn't that ground-breaking), and, oh, right, he was really CAYUTE. Guys, even though Alli got off to a rough start, she's already half-fulfilled every girl's Parisian dream. Thinks are looking up, am I right? Am I right.

    Clare and Eli started to navigate the changing circumstances of their relationship this episode. Clare's experience with cancer became more real with every moment, from the mundane triggers like watching Zoe on a stretcher in an episode of "West Drive," to courageously shaving her head, to insecurities about what Eli might think of the physical changes her body will start to go through. There was no sugar coating here, but Clare is doing her darndest to wade through it all. And despite that other patient's warning about fleeting boyfriends, Eli has been a dream, don't you think? Plus, Clare looked smokin' in that blonde wig and Eli seems to be all about it. Uh huh, honey!

    Phew, that's enough from me. What did you all think of this episode? Sound off in the comments!
  • Degrassi Extra Credit: Aislinn Paul Reacts To 'Summertime'

    Posted on 07/18/2013 by Rachel1016
    Looking for a little something extra sweet? How about some Degrassi Extra Credit for all you extra loyal Degrassi fans? Watch Aislinn Paul (Clare) react to the latest episode, "All I Wanna Do" in this exclusive video.

    And just in case you missed the all-new episode, you can watch it here!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'Summertime'

    Posted on 07/12/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassi fans, Season 13 is officially underway! It seems like just yesterday (and really, it wasn't that long ago) we were biting our nails over Fimogen's fate, assessing the strength of Jake and Mo's bromance, and generally crying our water weight in tears as Degrassi's class of 2013 said their goodbyes. BUT, it's a whole new Degrassi indeed, and between new characters, budding romances and feuds, and classic Degrassi drama, last night's premiere gave us ALL of the feels. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it 
    here first, because there are spoilers worse than a three-day old sandwich below! 

    Bon Voyage? Not So Fast.
    Maya's big summer plans to travel to Paris were put in major jeopardy this episode. Pretty much everything Maya touched turned to disaster when she started spending time with new-guy and TOTAL bad-boy Miles Hollingsworth III (yes, it is essential we refer to him by full name always). First there was the power outage at the concert, then her ROYALLY blown curfew, then that whole underage drinking thing� Even if we can spot the romantic tension from a mile away (or should we say 'Miles'), after being dangerously close to getting her Paris plans dashed, can Maya afford any more fiascos? 

    Also, Tristan deserved a total rude ticket for ditching Maya at the concert to be with Zoe. I'm wondering though, could this potential Zoe v. Maya feud be a bigger problem? Zoe definitely has her eyes on Miles too, and we ALL know Zoe and Maya haven't, well, clicked. Will Maya's bestie status with Tristan survive their trip to Paris? Will this potential feud with Zoe get bigger? Does Maya + Miles = Mayales? Pronounced Miles? Hm, we'll have to think about that one.

    No Good Time For Bad News.
    What began as Clare's slightly awkward attempt to keep her long-distance romance with Eli alive (*covers eyes in embarrassment at the thought of video chat sex*), quickly became a life-changing episode for her. My heart sank like a thousand blundering Titanics when Clare found out she was diagnosed with cancer. And even though she broke down after the news sunk in, I couldn't believe how composed she was throughout. :`) Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like to embark on what could be the fight of your life? I'm pretty sure she's going to kick cancer's batootie with the grace of a swan, though. Plus, when Eli showed up at the hospital even after Clare told him not to, it was a moment that rivaled all Eclare moments. I was totally verklempt! It might even beat the horse and carriage scene from "Time of My Life." What do you all think?

    Rock Solid Or Rocking The Boat?
    Over at Degrassi Summer Camp, Adam is trying to deal with the fact that Becky will be gone for the summer, and they're both trying to keep their jealousy at bay. It seemed a bit severe for Becky to insist that Adam not be friends with Imogen, even if she was maybe flirting a little. But Adam and Imogen were acting like children in the name-game circle. Which was full of actual children. I mean, DREW of all people had to come in and mediate! Thankfully, Imogen explained that she just has a hard time making friends, and coming off of a relationship with Fiona, I can understand why she might be in an adjustment phase, but OOF: You know there's something wrong when you make Drew look responsible. I'm also a little unsure how well their "secret friends" deal is going to turn out. It seems a little too sneaky to be a good solution. 

    Enough from me, what did you think of the Season 13 premiere? Sound off in the comments!