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  • The Music of Degrassi: "About A Girl"

    Posted on 08/02/2013 by baileyb2112

    In this week's episode, we watched relationships change. Friendships were tested, couples fell apart, and new love grew. Fittingly, an eclectic soundtrack served as the backdrop for all of this drama!

    Find out which tunes played during your favorite scenes with the full list of songs from "About A Girl:"

    Relient K: "Lost Boy"
    Fake Shark--Real Zombie!: "Yes Yes No No"
    Genevieve Toupin: "Quelque Part"
    Brigitte Saint-Aubin: "Forever"

    And don't forget to check out the Degrassi playlist on TeenNick's Spotify, where you can jam out to some of the best songs of this season so far!

    French artist Genevieve Toupin's version of "Quelque Part" fills the background of this awkwardly romantic moment between Alli and Leo!

  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: "About A Girl"

    Posted on 07/30/2013 by baileyb2112

    Even though Adam and Becky are forced to do long distance, they can make it through anything...right? 

    In this sneak peek of Thursday's episode, Adam has a romantic digital date planned for Becky, complete with pizza and candlelight. But wait--who invited the shirtless stranger?! Check out this first look of "About A Girl" and catch the full episode this Thursday at 9 PM ET on TeenNick!