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  • Interview with Alex Steele (Tori on Degrassi)

    Posted on 02/24/2012 by Lisa

    Alex Steele (Tori on Degrassi)Alex Steele plays a new character, Tori, on Degrassi this season, but she's not new to the show -- she used to play Craig's little sister, Angie. I met up with her when she was in L.A. for the Degrassi party, and we talked about her Degrassi past, present, and future.

    So you're playing Tori now, but you already have a place in Degrassi history. How old were you when you played Angie?
    I was five or six years old.

    Do you remember much about it?
    I remember some of the faces. It was a great environment. It wasn't like, "Oh this is work." It was like, "Playtime, let's do this!"

    How did you end up back on Degrassi?
    They created the character Tori, and then they had an open audition, and I just auditioned like everyone else.

    That's so cool. Was your sister psyched about it? (Alex's sister, Cassie, played Manny Santos on Degrassi for years.)
    Yes, she really encouraged me. She was like, "We're gonna do this!" and she helped me with my audition, going through the script and giving me pointers. It was really great. She was so enthusiastic. She went to my second audition -- my callback -- with me, and she was there in the lobby like, "You can do this, Alex!" It was great.

    Did you and Cassie have sisterly drama growing up?
    Nothing bad, really... We're about 5 and a half years apart, but we're a pretty awesome team.

    Alex Steele (Tori on Degrassi)I love how in "Underneath It All, pt. 2," we start to get a real sense of Tori's character. How would you describe her?
    She's different than I am, but in a way, she's going through problems that every girl can relate to, like boys and drama. Even though she deals with it differently -- she uses her "charms" -- I think she's really easy to relate to.

    I think so, too. I'm really excited to see what happens with her this season.
    She's quite a piece of work, I must say!

    How has it felt being back at Degrassi?
    I was super-super-super nervous at first. Because my sister had worked there, I was like "I've gotta be perfect..." I wanted to live up to my sister's awesome reputation, and then after a while, I just kind of relaxed, because everybody there has a really relaxed vibe.

    It's sort of neat that you were nervous about your first day on set, and it was also your character's first day at Degrassi.
    Yes, and it was the first job I've gotten since Degrassi! I was like "Oh my gosh, I've gotta do this..."

    Where do you want to see Tori go? Do you think she'll end up ruling the school?
    I think she's gonna get there, but there are obviously going to be a LOT of struggles for her. Like, this season, she's new, she's a freshman, and she's really trying to prove that she's good enough.

    I'm so excited for the fans to see these episodes!
    I'm excited to see them, too! I haven't seen them yet.

    It was nice meeting you!! Thanks so much for talking to me!
    Thanks so much!

    *hugs* (Note from Lisa: Yes, we hugged at the end of the interview. Is that unprofessional? It's just how we roll at TeenNick.)

    Alex Steele (Tori on Degrassi)

  • Degrassi Holiday Flashback

    Posted on 12/16/2011 by Lisa

    Make yourself a big mug of hot cocoa, and revisit Degrassi holidays past with me. I can't get over the cuteness of this old pic of Alex Steele, who played Angie (Craig's little sister). It's from the Season 3 episode "Holiday." Now, she's back on Degrassi, playing Tori, a new niner.

    Alex Steele as Angie on Degrassi

    Aww, baby Alex! :) We also brought back the Degrassi holiday minis, because really -- what's Christmas without Jay? Watch "If Jay Can't Be Happy... Part 1" right here:

    Watch more holidays minis in this playlist, and check out all the Degrassi holiday pics.

  • Super Sneak Peek: Future Degrassi Characters!

    Posted on 08/15/2011 by Mary

    Maybe you saw the article on about Cassie "Manny" Steele's little sister, Alex Steele, joining the Degrassi cast as a niner who will debut some time in the future? Well, now you're getting a peek into a crystal ball: here's Alex as Tori (on the right) with fellow new niner Olivia Scriven as Maya (on the left).

    Olivia Scriven and Alex Steele join the cast of Degrassi
    Olivia Scriven as Maya and Alex Steele as Tori, Degrassi Niners of the Future. Photo Stephen Scott/Epitome