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  • Random Hotness: Brandon from Alien Surf Girls

    Posted on 11/07/2012 by Lisa

    Check out these pics of Andrew J. Morley, who plays Brandon on Alien Surf Girls. This post comes to you from Kristen, our intern, who had the tough job of sorting through tons of hot pictures of Brandon and writing this post:

    Alien Surf Girl is back on TeenNick -- and what better way to celebrate than with pictures of a hot guy, specifically one that has played such an integral part in the past few episodes.

    Hey, Brandon...
    Brandon, even though you're obsessed with proving aliens are real, you're still adorable.

    Surfing has never looked so good.
    Surfing has never looked so good.

    Look at that smile! *swoon*
    And look at that smile! *swoon*

    To see more of Brandon, watch Alien Surf Girls on TeenNick. You can also see full episodes online!